Benefits Of Evening Primrose Oil

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If one of your resolutions for 2013 is to get healthier, look no further than this new beauty and health supplement that doctors and scientists have been raving about: evening primrose oil. According to, this supplement is considered “the most sensational preventive discovery since vitamin C.” Read on to find out why!


Relieves PMS symptoms. These tiny supplement gels pack a punch against PMS, as evening primrose oil is said to relieve cramp pain, menopause symptoms, mood swings, tender breasts, bowel flare ups, and even carb cravings! This supplement has also been shown to alleviate hot flashes, and also increase feelings of well being.


Helps treat acne, rosacea, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This beauty supplement is all-encompassing when it comes to skin – if it’s a problem, chances are Evening Primrose Oil can fix it. If taken regularly starting in our 20′s, and continuing into our 30′s, wrinkles and fine lines have been shown to decrease as skin naturally tightens and maintains a healthy glow.


Nourishes hair, scalp, and nails. Evening Primrose Oil will keep your nails from cracking, your hair from becoming dull and lifeless, and will keep your scalp healthy due to its natural fatty acids.


Helps fertility. The GLA in Evening Primrose Oil has been shown to improve uterine function and help women to conceive. Even if you aren’t looking to become a mom right now, long term usage helps to keep your reproductive system healthy for when you do decide to enter into motherhood.


So it appears that EPO covers a lot of our must-cover bases: health, beauty, and general wellness. The side effects have been shown to be very minimal as most people take to the fatty acids and natural components of EPO very well. As always, if you’re on medications or a special diet always consult a medical professional before implementing a diet supplement.




What do you think?

What do you think of EPO? Have you ever taken it? What supplements help you maintain a balanced diet? Share with us in the comments section below.

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Anna Patrick Written by
  1.  vogueitup says:

    I can promise everyone this does work! I suffered from really bad PMS when I began my cycles and my mother recommended this to take because my mood swings were horrendous and it was affecting my school work badly. I’m now 16 and have taken it for the past 3 years and not only have my cramps and mood swings calm down dramatically but also i don’t get as bad acne in the summer like i use to. So do try! It’s amazing, however the only disadvantage i found was that it took it’s time, just like anything else does. Good Luck everyone! :D xo

  2. Studymonster Studymonster says:

    Will definitely be trying this, sounds gr8. Just can’t seem to shift patches of acne on cheeks, hopefully this will be the solution;)
    Also, get pms quite bad, hoping this will help!

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