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How you choose to decorate your dorm room is a pretty big decision for most of us college girls. It’s a chance to let your creativity shine and create a space that represents who you are. That’s why we here at ECG have fallen in love with RHL! They have a great selection of almost everything you could possibly need for a dorm room, from very reasonably priced reversible comforters to “student shower paks” (including toothbrush holders and shower slippers).

You have the option to pick out each item for a bed set individually, right down to the pillow cases. Also, RHL offers a range of “value paks” that make it very easy to decide the right look for your room with just two clicks! Their Varsity Collection comes with all you could need, from a fleece throw to a laundry hamper and everything in between, even bath sheets! Plus it all looks great together for a great price.

bedside buddyTo take your dorm room to the next level of decor, RHL offers a variety of decorative pillows, wall decals, rugs, easy hang wall canvases, and much more! There’s lost of handy storage options too, like the Bedside Buddy. It hangs from your bed, making for more convenient bedtime study because no one likes waking up to realize they’ve been sleeping on a text book!

We suggest you head on over to rhl.org yourselves and have a look around. Even if your dorm room is already set up, you’ll likely stumble upon a few things you didn’t even realize you were missing!

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  1. Tia Tia says:

    This may just call for new linens!

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