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At times it seems almost ludicrous that you spend all this time and money at school just so they can hand you a sheet of paper. Yes, I realize it’s much more than a simple sheet of paper, it represents your dreams and accomplishments, it’s likely the most important sheet of paper you’ll ever own, but it is also just paper. Obviously I’m talking about that majestic elusive thing known as your diploma. That thing is made up of your blood, sweat and tears, metaphorically speaking, or maybe not, so sticking it in a $5 frame seems kind of disrespectful to all your hard work. Filing it away with every intent to “someday” get it “professionally framed” is even worse! So what can you do with the thing?

DiplomaDisplay.com is a great solution! Their site is safe and SO easy to use. All you have to do is input your state and school and they will present you with a variety of hand crafted options for your diploma. You don’t have to provide them with measurements or anything because they have all of the sizes for current diplomas from each institution on file.

diplomadisplay2The hardwood used for the frame is selected for it’s exquisite grain and luster finish and is specially imported for DiplomaDisplay while the colored accent matting compliments the frame and represents your school’s colors. The traditional style for framing your diploma is available, but for just a little more they offer their Premier Style. It showcases your diploma along with either a watercolor print or a pen and ink print of your campus. Each are signed and numbered by the artist and truly displays your diploma with the dignity and elegance it deserves! Send the link to mom and dad or head over to DiplomaDisplay.com yourself to get yours before graduation!

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  1. lauren lauren says:

    I agree that getting a diploma seems like a waste when you think of all of the time and money that you spend working for a piece of paper, however it is important to get to prepare for your future.

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