When it comes to handling hair down there, shaving is by far the most popular option due to convenience factor, but it also has it’s downsides. For one thing, the hair grows back immediately, which can mean some bikini line stubble if you’re not on top of it! Secondly, so many girls suffer from hard-core bikini line bumps which can be a real eye sore. Waxing of course is another alternative… here are some things to know about both.


Waxing Can Wipe Out New Hair Growth For Weeks


The act of waxing literally pulls the hairs out by the root as opposed to trimming the hair the way that shaving does. That means that before new growth can appear, a new hair has to actually grow all the way out of the follicle. With shaving, it isn’t possible to get 100 percent smooth.  With waxing, the smoothness of your skin will be unparalleled.

However, to get a thorough waxing job, you generally have to grow the hair a bit so that there’s something for the wax to latch onto. This may or may not fit into your upcoming bathing suit and/or dating plans. Plus waxing can hurt… quite a bit!

Quick tip: to have the best waxing experience possible, avoid going within the week before your period as you may be more sensitive to pain during this time. You should also skip any harsh soaps or sunlight for the next day or so to keep the irritation to a minimum.

Shaving Doesn’t Require a Trip to the Aesthetician


Technically you can wax your own bikini line, but the process can be complicated and dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing… It’s usually best to leave it to the pros! Shaving on the other hand can be done at a moments notice pretty much anywhere you can escape to a bathroom for a few minutes. This also makes shaving a less expensive alternative to waxing (goodness knows we spend enough money on beautification as it is.)

Let’s not forget, shaving can cause ingrown hairs and annoying irritating shaving rashes. You also risk infection since shaving can knick the skin and allow for an easy entry for bacteria.

To get the best shave possible, always get the skin wet and use some sort of a shaving cream to cut down on irritations. Follow up with a lotion to lock in moisture that can be lost during this process. Make sure to replace your razor or razor blade regularly, as dull blades can lead to ingrown hair. Although it can be tempting to borrow a friend’s razor in a pinch, even a couple of swipes can pass on nasty bacteria, and we certainly don’t want that!


Which do you prefer?

What are your thoughts, girls? It’s easy to see that there are pros and cons to both shaving and waxing, so the choice really depends on which option you prefer. Let us know what you have to add in the comments below!

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