Halloween is coming up but don’t worry College Girls! If you’ve been too busy to get your costume yet and you’re working on a budget this year, you still have lots of great options thanks to your friendly neighborhood dollar store! Now before you go turning up your noses at the thought of a cheap plastic witch’s hat, we were seriously impressed with the quality of a lot of the costumes we checked out! Here are our favorite 10 costumes for under $10.

#1 Flapper

Throw on that sparkly party dress that’s been hiding in the back of your closet from New Years Eve 2010 and then all you need are the accessories, which are surprisingly abundant at the dollar store we checked out! Long black gloves are a must have, a bunch of fake pearls, a feathery headband and you’ll look like you’re right out of the 20s!

#2 Bunny

Straight out of Mean Girls, throw on something scandalous and these super cute bunny ears and tail and spend the evening strutting around like Regina George!


#3 Sexy Grim Reaper

Grab one of the hooded cloaks for around $3 and a big plastic scythe for another $2. Wear the cloak over your little black dress and you’re set! For an even more awesome look, grab a $3 face paint set and paint your face to look like a skeleton.


#4 Witch

The dollar store we went to had not only some really awesome full size and mini witch hats, it also had a witch’s dress that was pretty decent! Grab yourself a broom too and you’re set!

#5 Pirate

What does an eye patch, a pirate hat, a scimitar and a tattoo sleeve make you? A pretty sweet low budget pirate costume, that’s what!

#6 Vampire


Obviously you’ll need some fangs for this one ($1). Then add a long black wig ($3), a bottle of fake blood to smear all over yourself ($1), a tiny lacy top hat ($3) and some fishnets ($2) and you’re an awesome $10 vamp!

#7 Devil

You’re not even limited to just the red devil horns/tail anymore! Grab this purple costume set for $2, it even comes with a devilish bow tie!

#8 Cop

You’ll have to leave the Halloween section for this one and hit up the toy isle! There is almost always a plastic cop set available, complete with a badge, handcuffs, a gun and usually even a hat! Then grab yourself a pair of aviator sunglasses.

#9 Mysterious Masked Goth Girl


The quality and variety of masks available had this girl wishing she had a masquerade ball to attend! Pick your favorite and add some skeleton jewelry. Then just grab some frilly gloves and a pair of fishnet tights (both are available in the Halloween section).

#10 Princess

Again you will have to leave the Halloween isle for this one and head to the toy section. Grab yourself a plastic tiara and some shiny fake jewelry. Wear your prom dress or like the bunny, you could go for something more scandalous!

These were only our favorites of what was available, and there was much more to choose from! So definitely don’t be discouraged if you’re still costume-less, just take 30 minutes, browse through what’s available and get creative!

Leave us a comment and let us know what you came up with!

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  1. avatar Jeremy says:

    I saw more than a few of these when I was out at Halloween parties last week … good times!

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