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If you’re in the mood for some summer lovin’ but sick of the whole dinner-and-a-movie thing, then check out our list of fun, sexy, cheap date ideas that are summer-specific. This way, you feel like you’re making the most of the season while having fun and breaking out of the dull dating routine

10. Wash Your Cars

Whether you go to one of the drive-up car washes or try out the old bucket and hose method in your driveway, this can be a fun way to kill an hour while actually accomplishing something productive together! Plus, when does washing a car with a cute guy ever not turn into a water fight? Wear your bikini bottoms underneath those cut-offs!

9. Hit the Trails

Even if you’re not the outdoorsy type, going hiking and spelunking (a fancy word for exploring caves; it can be your word of the day) are fun ways to get some exercise and enjoy the sunshine without having to spend a dime. You can get trail information at your town hall or tourist information centre, and find cool paths to hidden natural wonders like waterfalls, caves, and swimming holes. Make sure to bring the bug spray and a decent pair of shoes so that your date can stay light and fun rather than full of complaints.

8. See a Show

Forget the cinema, the summer is the perfect time to check out a live theatre play, musical, or dance performance. You can go small town or head into the city, depending on how much you want to spend. Even if it’s a flop, you’ll have lots to talk about over coffee afterwards.

7. Shop for Deals

My new favourite verb is garage-sailing (get it? Garage SALE-ing?) It can be so much fun to scope out your paper and neighbourhood for garage sales (wait for the long weekends, when more people have sales), plan a route, and see what treasures you can scoop up with your sweetie. Try your hand at haggling to get that used CHI flat iron for ten bucks, or that silly trucker hat for your man for .25 cents. You can also try hitting up a local flea or farmer’s market for even more deals and fresh local food.

6. Paddle Around

Go to the nearest body of water and rent a canoe or paddleboat for a couple of hours. It’s a relaxing, quiet, green form of entertainment and gives you lots of time to chat and get to know one another without lots of people around. If you want, bring a bird or plant book along and see what kind of flora and fauna you can identify on your adventure.

5. Drive-In Movies

I’ve been spoiled in that I grew up 15 minutes from our local drive-in movie theatre, but after I went to college I realized these nostalgic establishments are few and far between. For this fun, retro date you may have to drive a little further, but that can be part of the excitement. I found a list on Wikipedia of active drive-in theatres, organized by location. Check it out to find one near you, and get ready for a timeless date that you’ll never forget.

4. Spread a Blanket

Another date with a cute, retro feel is a picnic. You can spend time making potato salad and tuna sandwiches together, or, if you’re less talented, swing by the local KFC for a bucket. The fun part is spreading out a blanket somewhere picturesque and taking your time eating and lounging around. You can bring a portable iPod docking station for some chill background music, an old-fashioned board game like backgammon, or just relax and enjoy the summer breeze.

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3. Go for a Ride

If lounging around is starting to sound a little boring, head for the nearest water or amusement park. Everyone has a kid inside them just dying to ride the fastest, scariest coaster in the park. If you go midweek before high school and public school are out you can avoid the big crowds and endless lines. Don’t forget to take part in all the silly amusement park fun like funnel cakes and caricatures!

2. Pitch a Tent

I love camping: it’s a fun, cheap, different date idea that allows for equal opportunity for adventure and alcohol. What a perfect combo! You can get a group together or go as a pair, rent a trailer or rough it with a tent; there are endless options to suit any budget and taste. No matter how you do it, nothing beats cuddling with your guy next to an open fire as the sun sets below the tree line.

1. Fire up the Grill

For a fun group date, pick a warm sunny afternoon and invite everyone over for a summer BBQ. You provide the burgers and have friends bring different salads and desserts. There’ll be more than enough food to go around and lots of company to make getting to know your new summer fling fun and stress-free.

Bonus Date: Fireworks

I’m not sure if this constitutes as a date, but there are so many occasions for fireworks during the summer (pretty much every long weekend, everywhere), and it’s such a classic, romantic date. Try to get out with your guy at least once this summer to see a show, it’s guaranteed to set off sparks between you two as well.

What Do You Think?

What are your favourite summer date ideas? Will you try out any of ours? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. avatar Junnette says:

    Walk your dogs together! It’s always a good idea to bond of your cute, furry friends :) !

  2. avatar Jessica says:

    My hubby and I loooove hiking… He says it was on one of our first hikes together that he realized he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. :) We also take lots of walks together, which for us was a very relaxing, comfortable (and healthy!) way for us to get to know each other when we were dating. For our honeymoon we went on lots of hikes, visited museums and monuments, and went mini-golfing. I think mini-golf should definitely be on your list of summer dates!

    And in case you’re wondering, we may be married, but we’re still in graduate school, so I think I’m still qualified to read a college girl blog. ;)

  3. avatar eQpid says:

    I love online dating, it has given me more options! You just have to be careful.

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