Around the holidays, the craft chic inside me comes alive! Here are some tutorials I have found online for cute ideas you could use as gifts, or just do them in festive colors and use them as decor for your own apartment!

Minimalist Wreath

Here we have a tutorial for an acorn wreath by MADE. This one involves a lot of gluing, so you may want to do it while watching a favourite Christmas show, or the Santa Claus Parade, perhaps?

Floral Throw Pillow

This video tutorial is on Trey and Lucy. You can use this flower in your hair, or decorate pillows with it. It is big, beautiful, and pretty easy, but you do need to know how to sew at least a little.

Pretty Candle Jars

This tutorial on My Craft (b)Log is super simple and only uses jars and acrylic paint. Pair with some nice scented votives for a cute diy Christmas present, or  try to do the same technique in a glass bulb for your Christmas tree!

What Do You Think?

Have you found any tutorials you love that could easily become a holiday activity?


  1. avatar Lia says:

    I’m SO making the wreath! <3

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