Unfortunately, we all get insulted. We don’t always deserve it, but as long as there are mean-spirited people to give them out, there will be insults. Sometimes the insults say a lot more about the person who said them, than the insult’s actual intended target. Here are just 3 examples to put it in perspective and help you get over it.

Insult #1: “I wish I had the time to work out like you…”

Why it’s an insult: This person is implying that you have way more time on your hands than they do. They think that their school work, activities, and social life is a great deal more full than yours.

Why it’s actually a compliment: In a way this insult is really giving props to your time management. Although you have a packed schedule, which is probably just as much (if not more than)  as the critic’s schedule, you get things accomplished. You’ve learned balance. You know that some thing’s are important to you, like exercise or a hobby, like writing. Often hobbies can be left behind in college, but with your time management and motivation, you will find just enough hours in the day.

Insult #2: “You’re so lucky. You get everything you want…”

Why it’s an insult: This person is saying that you don’t work towards anything you do. It’s all presented to you or it all just falls into your lap. Even if you do work for it, ultimately lucks carries you to victory.

Why it’s actually a compliment: This person might assume you’re lucky because they do not see all the hard work you put in behind the scenes. Maybe you are selected for a scholarship or award. That person does not realize that you had to research, sign up, write essays, get letters of recommendation, etc. Likewise with leadership roles or good grades. You don’t just get them. You work hard and then that success is the end result.

Insult #3. Being called names “You bitch…You’re so stupid…”

Why it’s an insult: This is a much more obvious insult than the previous examples. It might be racial or to do with intelligence or sexuality. It also may be the most difficult one to deal with either because it can be so mean or feel like bullying.

Why it’s actually a positive: No, the words are most definitely not a compliment, but sometimes even nice people are called names. If you’re being called a foul name without deserving it at all, then chances are that person feels threatened by you and is seeking some way to put you down. If it’s a close friend calling you these names, then your friend is basically giving you a head’s up that “Hey, maybe you should rethink being close friends with me!”

What Do You Think?

What are some things you do to not let people get to you? Do you ever unintentionally insult a friend when you’re trying to compliment her? Leave a comment and let us know!



  1. avatar Zoe says:

    I find it really easy to not let things “get” to me. Once, I hooked up with a guy who had been dating a girl for three hours, so I didn’t realize. So naturally I saw her around bc of our social groups. My name is Zoe and my friends name also is Zoe and we were all together once, so this guys girlfriend started calling my BEAUTIFUL friend Zoe (the ugliest person ever) (bc she thought that zoe was the culprit) but it was an empty name calling. Granted she had a small reason to be upset, but usually people are threatened and I swear if they fear you, they won’t like you. I know girls that avoid eye contact with me, and it’s because I’m kinda pretty and definitely confident so i look at them all i want while they cower away and then talk about me behind my back. I mean if I hated someone, I wouldn’t give them the time of day, so they must feel threatened, etc. These are the only two bullying instances in my life , lol swear. The Zoe /Zoe one was like 5 years ago, in 8th grade

  2. avatar Summer says:

    Ugh I HATE the first one!!! It’s a priority for me to stay sane- I used to go at 6am and sometimes study on the eliptical

  3. avatar Aleida says:

    The third one happens to me all the time, namely being called a bitch. However, and this has been said many times, it’s because I’m completely honest with people. Sometimes the truth hurts and I’m not going to sugarcoat it just to spare someone’s feelings. They deserve to know if there’s a problem.

  4. avatar annie says:

    What about “Your intimidating. You should go fight with the boys!” That’s my latest one… From kickboxing class.

    I enjoyed this. I hate when people say things like the last one to me, because I am such a huge people pleaser.

  5. avatar maggiecz says:

    loved this! although i’ve never really felt insulted by the first one. but the other two UGh! drives me mad.

  6. avatar Irina says:

    Wow I loved this article! One of my faves. Will def keep all of these in mind :)

  7. avatar Charlotte says:

    GOD i hate the second one.
    “No, I’m not lucky, I work damn hard.”
    drive me crazy!

    Charlotte xxx

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