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Fall is here and it’s time to update your wardrobe! If you’ve already checked out of fall fashion trends, and are desperate for even more stylish looks, here are three more trends to satisfy your need.

I’m loving these trends and this season, it’s all about ladylike and looking hot. Chic meets street as head to toe fashion fads are easy to wear and fall fabulous:

Lovely Lace

This is romance without all the frills. The lace dress or skirt should nod to antique and unique as black and white dominates. Think subtle, not Madonna, when shopping for this trend.

lace top, Arden B

Perfectly Patched Jeans

Ripped, shredded and torn are still in, but patched jeans are taking over racks everywhere. Light and cute, these fitted and formed blues are hot in flared or skinny style. Think 70’s babe, it’s not for everyone, but on the right rear, this is hot gear!

patch jeans, GAP

Bountiful Bows

Bows are back, baby, and whether you are a girly-girl or a tomboy, you should have a bow in your hair this fall. Pretty in pink and lovely in black, the bow ponytail or headband remains H-O-T. Look for bow details in unexpected places too, like your shoes, shirts, and jewelry.

bow beret, Top Shop

What Do You Think?

What are your favourite picks for fall? Have you picked up anything yet? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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  1. avatar Brendy says:

    I am forever idnbeted to you for this information.

  2. avatar Sarah Says says:

    Charlotte, it’s so true! Hats are the best part of a bad hair day.

  3. avatar Charlotte says:

    i was a lat-comer to hats, but yesterday i had a bad hair day and wow, it completely changed my outfit!!
    i went for a warm, cosy autumn look and i loved it!!

    Charlotte xxx

  4. avatar Jage says:

    Smartset has the cutest lace camisoles on right now. I’m sooo tempted to buy two since if you buy one you get the other half off, and they’re cute, but right now I can’t justify spending half of my grocery money on two shirts that i wouldn’t be able to wear once winter hits. I really hope they go on sale in like two months, LOL.

  5. avatar Sari says:

    I love black lace! I got this blouse from Target: It’s so similar to the one you posted!

  6. avatar Ashlee says:

    I LOVE lace for this season! I’m not digging the patched jeans, though; they remind me of elementary school. :P

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