The three most memorable parts of New Year’s: your dress, the drinks, and your midnight kiss. It’s been done. This New Year’s it’s time to start some traditions worth remembering! Whether you’re going out to a bar or club or staying in with family and close friends, doing a few of these at the beginning or end of the night will start your year off right.

Time capsule mason jar. Find a jar, bucket, mason jar, anything you want. Have the people you’re with write a memory from the year on a Post-It note or strip of paper, fold it up and put it in the jar. Depending on the size of your party, everyone might want to do a few. Choose memories that preferably apply to everyone in the room! Every hour, or at the beginning or end of the night, have someone draw out a memory and relive the laughs from the year!

New Year’s Resolutions Secret Pals. So we’ve all done the secret Santa thing, it’s time to update the tradition for New Year’s! Have each person in your party, family, or group of friends. Make sure everyone keeps their buddy’s identity a secret. After the New Year’s kisses have gone out and the night is almost over, each person gives their buddy a New Year’s resolution. The funnier and more ridiculous, the better.

Shot toasts on the hour. Each hour (or half an hour if you have a lot of people) from the time you and your family or close friends get together it is one person’s turn to give a toast. Each person’s toast should answer the following question: their peak of the year, the hope for the new year, and their wish for everyone they are toasting to. This can either be done with a shot or with a sip of champagne, and it’s a great way to give each person a spotlight.

What do you think?

What do you think of these traditions? What New Year’s traditions do you observe each year? Add to our list in the comments section below.

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