Let’s face it, us college girls have better things to do than spend all day hunting down guys. But, at the same time, dating can be a really fun part of your college experience, and with everything else on our plates, sometimes meeting a guy can be tough to pencil in. The bar may be the first place that comes to mind, but it’s a really hard place to get to really know somebody, so if you’re looking for more than a hook up, read on for three places to meet guys in college, besides the bar:

Coffee Shop Hottie

The coffee shop is a great place to meet a chill guy, since most people hit it up alone, with some homework or a newspaper. You can make eyes with a regular you see all the time, until one of you gets the courage to say hi. Or, better yet, be sneaky and ‘accidentally’ order the same drink as his, then when they call the first order out, you’ll both be grabbing for the same cup: instant icebreaker.

Library Liason

Okay, so the library isn’t exactly the sexiest place on campus, but good-looking guys can provide a must-needed distraction from studying. Since he’s probably dying to take a break too, feel free to strike up a conversation: ask him what he’s studying, how’s it going. If you’re a little too timid, try asking him to watch your things while you go to the washroom, and thank him when you get back. If he’s receptive, go for it, but if he seems really focussed, give him some space to study. Nobody wants to be bothered by a stranger when they’re in the zone.

Gym Gent

If you haven’t figured this out yet, half the guys working out at the gym are only there to scope out the hot, young college girls working out beside them, while given a free pass to flex their muscles and show their stuff. Who doesn’t want to get all hot and sweaty with their fellow coeds? Hit the gym and expect to get hit back, well, hit on by guys at least. If you’re having trouble making a move, just ask him to spot you while you lift some weights, or show you how to use a more complicated machine. He’ll love the chance to show off, and you’ll love the chance to watch the show.

What Do You Think?

Where are your favourite places to meet guys in college? Do you ever have trouble or is it pretty easy? Leave a comment and share your tips!

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  1. avatar Jill Mills says:

    Join a sorority. They have mixers and dances with fraternities, and you can meet someone who is top notch enough to be part of a fraternity!

  2. avatar Rebekah says:

    Maybe the gym thing would work, but only if you’re looking for that type of guy. If you’re looking for a nerdy or quieter kind of guy, you have to go elsewhere, but it’s not difficult to find a hotspot for them as well. Bookstores on Thursdays and Fridays are full of nerds trying to get dates, and if you want to snag a cutie in a coffeeshop, just offer to buy his drink.

  3. avatar krisk says:

    I have a lot of guy friends and they all say that chicks that just go to the gym to pick up guys and not work out are super annoying. Also guys at the library probably are studying for a final or midterm and are not looking to score chicks since they are probably still in yesterday’s clothes lol. As for the coffee shop it may be your best bet but guys there usually bring there gf w/ them, are gay, or are just really quiet. In my opinion if you are looking to find some like minded friends (or more than friends) I suggest pursuing your interests by joining some clubs or getting involved in something meaningful.

    Best of Luck :)

  4. avatar Yuki Sky says:

    I met my college boyfriend in the laundry room.

  5. avatar Brianna M says:

    I would totally say these are great tips..but I am a little on the down side because I’m stuck at an all womens college and it sucks…i dont know where i can meet any good guys. :/

  6. avatar Charlotte says:

    i love nerdy boys, so the first two are definitely for me.
    i look disgusting in the gym!!
    i have a fantasy of meeting my husband in a coffee shop or book shop :]]
    i’ll have to try the drink thing!!

    Charlotte xxx

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