Need some more variety in your summer wardrobe? Use sophisticated, trendy, and laid back South Florida as an inspiration and consider these 3 looks.

Take 1. Palm Beach Jettsetter

sunglasses, dress, heels, belt, scarf, purse

Your typical Palm Beach outfit is all about sophistication and looking like you are a “somebody.” A cute preppy dress is a great option. Dress it up with a belt, scarf, and of course dark shades to make your ensemble seem more expensive. Don’t forget a elegant heel and simple bag to finish off this look.

Take 2. Miami By Night

dress, flats, heels, clutch, necklace

At night, when in doubt black is always a go-to option. But we’re talking about Miami. You want to stand out more with a fun vibrant color. Try a bright blue or a dazzling purple shade. Don’t forget the essential clutch and cute accessory. I included 2 different shoes with this outfit as well. If you plan on taking this look from day to night, stick with a sparkly flat. But if you have to have some height, this sparkly heel is your perfect option.

Take 3. Key Largo Sun Seeker

shorts, swimsuit, flip flops by DefShop, sunglasses, tote

In Key Largo the pace of life is much more laid back. Driving down US1, you’re surrounded by beautiful, emerald green waters, so you know you want to be in your bikini ready to get in the water. This outfit is very casual and all about mixing and matching darks and whites. Even the bikini is two different patterns to show off your boldness, even if all you plan on doing is bumming it on the beach. Don’t forget a cute tote bag to pack a beach towel and some SPF 30!

What Do You Think?

Are any of these looks similar to your style? What summer looks are you rocking? Leave us a comment and let us know!



  1. avatar Aly says:

    Omg Brianna you shouldn’t sleep in your Bikini! It’s really bad for your uhm, “feminine health” – Staying in a damp bikini for too long can cause yeast infections!

  2. avatar Brianna says:

    I was so excited to see this blog post, because I live in South Florida! I started laughing when I saw it though because I realized that’s exactly what’s in my closet. The first one is how I dress every Sunday, the second is how I dress every weekend. And the third is how I dress every day. It’s common for my friends and I to sleep in our bikinis after a night swim and wake up in the morning and just jump in the pool again. :)

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