From salt-water swimming to sweaty beach volleyball and sand in places it shouldn’t be, a day on the beach can be as hectic as it can be a blast. The last thing a girl wants is for her locks to show it, (or to be ogled at for that rat’s nest that found its way onto her head)

Every girl should know how to save their hair from an oily mess after sports, frizzy chaos after swimming, or a boring ‘do’ for the best beach bustle of all: flirting. With the anticipation of beach madness, here’s your guide to beach-proof hair.


Braiding is a classic way to get your hair up, or even to leave it down. The catch is that braiding holds up through laps around the lake and some serious perspiration. The best beach braid is the fishtail braid, which is as easy as steps one, two and three:

  1. Separate your hair into two even sections.
  2. From the back of the right section, grab a small portion of hair. Take that strand and pull it out, away from your neck and then over the right section of hair, placing it with the opposite section. Do the same with the left section, placing it into the right.
  3. Rinse and repeat until braid is complete.

Mix it up: When braids get boring you can always mix it up by letting them out after a few hours for beautiful curls, braiding in flowers and ribbons, or braiding your fishtail off to the side.


Knots are so similar to the messy bun concept they are practically twins; however, knots are incredibly easy to do and they can’t be messed up at the beach because the messier they get the hotter they are.

  1. Dampen your hair and spray it with some sort of hold (ie: hairspray, mousse, gel…). Gather it up into a ponytail in the place where you want the center of your knot to be.
  2.  Twist half of your hair and wrap it around itself and essentially ‘knotting’ it. Pin it down with bobby pins and spray it with hair spray.
  3. Take the other half of your hair and messily interlace it with your knot. Pin it down and spray it down.

Mix it up: Add a hair band for a little flair, use glitter hairspray or do something funky with your bangs like make a ‘poof’ or braid it off to the side.

Band-less Ponytail

This ponytail is much less water proof, but defiantly flirt proof. Also, if knots and braids are too meticulous for your fingers this ponytail is much simpler for the beach hair rookies.

  1. Put your hair up and off to the side as if you were going to do a side ponytail.
  2. Take a small strand of your hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the base of your ponytail and over the hair rubber band until you can’t see it anymore.
  3. When it comes to the end of your strand of hair, take a bobby pin and push it downward so it pins your strand into place and goes in between your rubber band (And so it doesn’t poke out of your hair).

Mix it up: Curl or crimp your hair before you put it up, or place it on the crown of your head instead of down on the side. Use cute sparkly or decorative hair clips to add more pizzazz.

What Do You Think?

Do you like my tips? How do you wear your hair at the beach? Leave me a comment and let me know!



  1. avatar Darian says:

    Hahahaahahah Im soooo funny

  2. avatar PJ says:

    These are great!

    I actually do with band-less ponytail without any band at all. I always find that no matter how I try, I can’t cover the entire band. I just get some hair from the bottom of the ponytail and pull that around the whole thing – then fasten with one bobby pin. Works well for me (I also have really thick hair).

  3. avatar Suzie says:

    That’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  4. avatar Jennie says:

    Thanks for posting this! I had been caught a few times this summer having no idea what to do with my hair before hitting the pool, this definitely gives me some great ideas!

  5. avatar Katie says:

    I have chin-length hair that’s all cork-screw curls, so while these tips are cute, they didn’t really help. Have any suggestions for keeping short or curly hair tamed at the beach?

  6. avatar Kelsey says:

    This article inspired me to finally try to do a fishtail braid. It is definatly one of my new favorite summer hairdos. It’s simple like a regular braid, but a little funkier looking.

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