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Get more from your wadrobe and add a little feminine flair to your look by pulling out those classic black heels more often. Invest in a pair with a closed-toe and not too high of a heel for a versatile shoe you can wear day or night. If you’re not sure how to rock them, don’t fret. Here are three great looks to wear your heels all week:

Look 1: Classy for Class

Bring in a bit of spring early with a flirty floral dress. Keep warm by pairing it with some wooly tights and a cardigan (and a coat, of course, for anyone up north). A pretty necklace pulls this girly look together and will make you feel fresh, feminine, and professional for class. Perfect for a busy day when you want to feel put-together and polished.

Cardigan, heels, dress, necklace, tights

Look 2: Party Pumps

Hit the winter house parties with a little extra style and some rocker glam by pulling in your heels with some fun party pieces. Pull out those sexy cut-offs from the summer and winterize them by popping them on over some patterned tights. Top the look off with a crop rock tee over a bright tank, so a bit of colour peeks out from underneath. Finish off with some studded jewelry. The heels help balance out the rocker look to make it cute, girly, and party-perfect.

Cuff, tights, t-shirt, shorts, tank, heels

Look 3: Naughty Night Out

Heels don’t have to just be pretty and feminine, they can be ultra-sexy, like in this night-out look. Pair your high-waisted skirt with a ruffly, bright top, some glam jewelry and a girly clutch. Skip the tights for this look and show a little leg–it’s hot in the clubs anyway. The best part about recycling your daytime heels at night is the low heel is comfortable enough to wear all night, but still sexy enough for a glam look for a night on the town.

 Bracelets, heels, tank, skirt, earrings, clutch

What Do You Think?

Do you have a classic pair of heels? How often do you wear them? Will you rock them more often now? Leave a comment and let us know!


  1. avatar shine says:

    super liked the third outfit…my kinda statement…..

  2. avatar Adiana says:

    Alright alright alright that’s exactly what I neeedd!

  3. avatar selene says:

    first dress rocks!!!!!!!! big tym!!!!!!!!

  4. avatar JaycenLeeAnn says:

    Amazing :)

  5. avatar Bailey Elliott says:

    hey! I was wondering if you use polyvore for the sets you use, Becasue im on Polyvore and was wondering

  6. avatar Sanela96 says:

    which color off tights are actually

  7. avatar Sarah Kate says:

    I kind of like the second look, even though it’s not really my style. I’m living in Paris and girls/young women are VERY into the tights-with-shorts look. Cuffed patterned wool with menswear-inspired laceup flats and nice black shorts with big chunky heels for a night out seem to be the most popular, but I’ve seen a few with denim and tights too. I would have never done this back in the states but it’s definitely growing on me!

  8. avatar Sanela96 says:

    love this

  9. avatar Sarah Says says:

    Those black heels are so classic you could wear them to a job interview!

  10. avatar The Hip + Urban Girl says:

    I have my one good pair of black classic heels that I wear maybe once a week tops in the winter. A must though for all special occassions. They usually wear out after two years max and I make sure to replace them. Frumpy, faded black pumps or a scruffy heel can break a good outfit.

  11. avatar Irina says:

    i seriously loved this! especially the second look!

  12. avatar maggiecz says:

    love the first outfit :) super cute.
    not sure if id wear the wool tights with them though

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