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Although we’ve been having some unseasonal weather in my neck of the woods lately, it hasn’t fooled me into believing the snow isn’t just around the corner. If you’re already in the midst of a winter wonderland, or looking at it starting in the next few weeks, don’t fret. You can keep cozy, warm, and dry all while looking stylish and cute. Trust me, I’ve had 22 years of practice:

Look 1: Snow Bunny

Who says you can’t wear white after labour day? Nothing says cute and cozy like a girly sweater dress with a nice pair of thick tights. Still not warm enough? Slip on some silk long underwear instead: looks like tights, feels like pjs. Layer under a wooly pea coat, some sturdy boots, and soft, girly accessories to stay warm and stylish in the cool weather.

coat, boots, sweater-dress, scarf, ear muffs, tights

Look 2: Romantic Rustic

This look is so chic right now: think mountain lumberjack meets downtown hipster, it’s a perfect combination. This jacket might be a bit pricey, but it’s warm, cozy, and you can wear it all winter long, so it’s worth the investment if you’re in a cold climate. Same goes for the boots, which are warm and gauranteed waterproof, even in six feet of snow. Pair them with layers of plaid, fleece, and faux fur for that perfectly-coiffed woodsy feeling.

coat, vest, shirt, jeans, hat, scarf, mittens, boots

Look 3: Blizzard Beauty

While the first two looks are great for your average winter weather, sometimes, in the dead of winter, the temperature just drops too low, and all you want to do is hide in bed with a cup of cocoa. If you do have to go out into the terrible weather for longer than the time it takes to dash to the bus, bundle up to keep cozy and warm. Start with some body-hugging long undies and a cami to keep your natural heat in, then layer up with some knit sweaters, jeans, and a coat. Finish with toasty mitts and a toque to make sure you survive the storm!

toque, mittens, cream sweater, grey sweater, cami, long underwear, boots, jeans

What Do You Think?

Would you wear any of these outfits? What is your favourite winter wear look? What’s the winter weather like where you are? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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  1. lisha says:

    I’m so jealous of you all having cute winter clothes. Our winter (In Aus) is more rainy mug. So its really not ‘snow bunny’ season.

  2. dhani says:

    cute ear muffs in 1st pic….

  3. maggiecz says:

    these outfits are so cute, i’d definitely wear them

  4. Estelle says:

    Love. Love. LOVE.

  5. Rin says:

    Very cute.

  6. Melissa says:

    Such a cute post, Kaleigh. I love the first outfit.

  7. meaghan says:

    I work at Forever 21 and we have TONS of cute seasonal stuff all really cheap, I highly recommend going there or ordering online. =D

  8. Irina says:

    Ooo I love the second look! i will definitely be recreating it from pieces I have at home :) It gets so cold where I live, all I want to do is show up in sweatpants, boots and a sweatshirt, but this will definitely help me look nicer :)

  9. Charlotte says:

    ahhh thank you so much for this!!
    we have more snow than we ever get in the UK here in Minnesota and I have no idea what to wear!!
    i’ve been thinking about investing in a pair of cute snow boots and I’m starting to think it’ll be a good idea!!
    I’d love to see some tips on how to layer up and still look cute and warm :]]]

    Charlotte xxx

  10. Eimear says:

    Currently sitting in an office freezing my bum off in this awful winter weather! I want to be wearing all of these outfits right now. P.S the boots in the first outfit are absolutely divine. :)

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