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You are back at college, and after a summer in swimsuits and short shorts, your jeans might be feeling a bit snug after all the post-summer-dieting binging; those ice creams, sugary drinks, and days lying out in the sun can really do its toll. So, how do you get slim without breaking the bank on a fancy gym membership? You learn to work out on your campus.

Get Your Gym On

The tuition you pay for college gives you so much more than the right to take a few classes and get your degree, it also comes with built-in perks, like the use of the library and, often, access or discounted membership to the recreation center. There is no need to get a membership at an off-campus gym when you get free or cheaper access to a public on-campus one. So, whether you’re burning calories by simply running on a treadmill, or swimming laps in the campus pool, you can sweat easy knowing you didn’t blow your whole budget just to burn a few calories.

Show Your Competitive Side

Do you thrive better in groups, but aren’t quite athletic enough to try out for a varsity team? Then try joining an intramural. From badminton, to rowing these either non-competitive or non-mainstream sports can get your heart pumping and help you make a few friends along the way, which will motivate you to stay on track and show up for meet.

Hit the Pavement

Do you like to run but feel like you are going nowhere on a machine? Get your iPod out and just run! Running through campus in the mornings is the old-fashioned way of shedding the pounds, but you might discover parts of your campus you didn’t know existed. Some rural campuses have trails to hike, rivers to kayak, and paths to bike… other urban campuses have stairs to climb and everything you need within walking distance. It can be a very reflective and meditative way of starting your day and getting your heart racing.

What Do You Think?

How do you take advantage of your campus to stay in shape? Does your school have free gym membership? Leave a comment and let us know!


  1. avatar Rin from College Survival 118 says:

    I needed this article! My school has a great workout room that I never take advantage of–and its free for students!!! And I really should enjoy the beautiful mornings on the lake and take some walks/runs down there.

  2. avatar Isabel says:

    My school actually has three free open gyms and they host free classes like yoga, zumba, pilates, etc. It’s great!

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