If you’re a campus yogi, this post is for you. It is also for everyone else who may be looking to learn how to meditate, or learn how to incorporate meditation into your daily routine. This post is for everyone. Meditation can help you discover yourself, shed stress, and get the most out of your life, and it goes way deeper than mere self reflection. These apps can help you discover, or re-discover, meditation, on the go!

To anyone who is skeptical of fusing meditation and technology: my advice is don’t knock it until you try it! I was skeptical at first too, but then I realized it was just my ego protecting my “routine” that I had become comfortable with, or protecting from outside influence that could take it by surprise. I have found that the last few days I have meditated a lot more frequently because these keep me motivated… not to mention, SO fun.

Headspace. This is an app I swear by. Even if you’re not a beginner and you just want a little break, this is a great app to have on hand and it’s also accessible online. Although I haven’t quite figured out how to get the “Take 15” on my phone yet, the Take 10 option is 10 ten-minute guided meditations. It also comes with cute mindfulness reminders (which eventually repeat themselves, just a heads up there). It also has a built in meditation timer if you choose to meditate on your own.

Mindfulness Meditation. With this incredibly user-friendly app you can choose your meditation by minutes, and it goes up to 40! It also offers tips on deepening your practice and meditating on your own. There is also a functional “Am I Doing It Right?” section – we all have those days. Most recommended for advanced or regular meditators.

Simply Being. This app is awesome because you can choose how you listen to your guided meditation – with music, with nature sounds, etc. If you’re into switching it up when it comes to setting this app is perfect for you. You also have a lot of options when it comes to sound – not only can you choose what sound you listen to during the meditation (like nature sounds), you can also choose to have a voice over the nature sounds (rain, ocean, or stream) or just go with the sounds without the voice. Customizable meditation at your finger tips.

Buddhify.This is one of the more interactive apps that tracks how engaged you are and allows you to “check in” with it (meaning tracking usage, not location). This app will come in handy “on the go,” like if you’re meditating on a car trip or somewhere off the beaten path for you. Hence it claims to be an app for “active lifestyles.” As a heads up: this app was named after Buddhist Mindfulness practice, but actually has nothing explicitly Buddhist, so if you’re not Buddhist don’t let the name turn you off!

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Do you like to meditate? What do you think of these apps? What are your favorite apps? Leave us a comment below.

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