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Who says April Fool’s can’t be romantic? Well, until he forgives you for pulling the best prank ever on him it probably can’t. But there are few things sexier than being able to pull off a great April Fool’s heist. In order of tamer to trouble maker, here are a few ideas to Punk the man in your life.

Disclaimer: his car is off limits, do your relationship a favor.


Funny face breakfast

For the tame prankers, start off his day with a cute April Fool’s Day breakfast that puts a spin on the traditional bacon and eggs.

Make ridiculous scary faces with breakfast food and serve with fake spoiled milk (put a few drops of green food dye in a regular glass of milk). Using a pancake for the face, get creative with bacon, vegetables or fruit for facial expressions. Bacon makes a great unibrow or scary mustache, or use one egg to make a cyclops.

The more ridiculous they look the better, he’ll think the effort is cute, and it’s a funny and harmless prank to start off the day and keep him on his toes since he’ll wonder what you may be planning next.


Employ a fake bug

Nothing is more hilarious and emasculating than getting scared by a bug. You can find a great and terrifyingly realistic bug replica at science stores like Discovery or toy stores for just a few dollars, and it will go a long way.

First, make sure it’s a terrifying bug and not fake looking. One of those rainbow colored poison frogs isn’t going to cut it. Try a gel centipede, or a hairy spider. Bugs that don’t move when confronted are the best options.

The key to executing this prank is in the surprise attack. Wait until he is in a moment of focus and vulnerability. Perfect examples are while he’s watching TV, reading on the couch, or packing a bag.

While he watches TV, make sure his back is to you as you casually walk into the room and put the fake bug on the top of the couch cushion beside his head. As you sit down and casually wait a few minutes, use your best acting skills to freak out about the bug, and watch his eyes pop out for a second before he realizes what you’ve done. The same tactics apply for if he’s reading on a couch or chair. Packing a bag is a perfect way to plan an attack as well, as you can plant the fake bug before he goes to pack it and find a gruesome surprise.

As a fallback, there is always pre-planting the bug in one of his shoes or socks. What is more terrifying than that honestly?

Use a recorded sound

This prank is great because it’s covert and easy to pull off. Simply record either an annoying or paranoia-evoking sound, hide the recorder somewhere in the room, and play it on loop. When you record the sound, make sure to use a lot of pauses so that the sound only recurs every minute or two.

Great sounds to use are door bells, crickets chirping, his ring tone, or a generic and ambiguous beep. You’ll have him checking the door every few minutes, looking around nervously for a mysterious insect, checking his phone, or searching his place for a malfunctioning piece of machinery.

For the sadistic pranker, this is a great prank to sit down and enjoy. Simply give him ideas as to which appliance might be malfunctioning, or where the sneaky cricket might be hiding. Have fun with it!


Become a saran wrap queen

This prank is great because it’s completely customizable, and can become either a small prank or a large-scale prank depending on how much saran wrap you want to use, and how wicked you want to be.

Start off by saran wrapping the doorknob of his bedroom, bathroom, and any other important doors around his place. If you really want to be cruel, saran wrap the knobs of his bathroom sinks or his entire toilet. To really take the prank to the next level, put a layer of Vaseline on top of the saran wrap. Other objects of attack include his fridge, the individual items in his fridge, the TV remote, his iPod, his dresser, and any piece of furniture. The options are endless.

Feel free to top off this prank by writing “April Fool’s” in silly string on top of the most heavily saran wrapped item. He may hate you while he’s removing the stuff, but all’s fair in love and prank wars, right?



What do you think?

Are you going to try any of the pranks on our list? What is the greatest way you have ever been pranked? Have you pulled off a really great prank? Share with us in the comments section below!

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