It’s almost summer, so the time of the year for less makeup and more of a bare face is getting closer! The natural look is great for a lot of reasons, mostly because it lets the real you shine through, it’s better for your skin, and guys like the less is more look anyway. So what have you go to lose by going bare?


This is always going to be the number one. Makeup can be fun to play with, and showcase our sense of style and personality in many ways, but your real personality can be accentuated even better without it.

There is really no need to wake up every morning and put on war paint before going out into the world. Let your confidence be what defines you. No matter what you put on your face, how you feel about yourself is always going to shine through. So let your confidence take the lead!


This is one of the basics of going natural. To keep your skin glowing and radiant, always make sure to cleanse and moisturize. Natural beauties always channel the dewy look, and achieving it only takes a little extra moisturizer!

Always make sure to apply moisturizer with SPF, or use some kind of SPF on your face before going out to tackle the day. Your skin will thank you for it later!

Eyebrow maintenance

I always say that eyebrows really have the power to make or break a face. Your eyes are always going to be the main focal point, but your eyebrows are what creates a backdrop that can structure and shape your face to really hold someone’s focus.

Beauty sleep and good nutrition

Taking some time to nap and making sure that you’re getting all the right nutrition you need really goes without saying. In reality, the epidermis is the largest organ our body has. Water and vitamins go a long way, as does getting enough sleep and avoiding excess alcohol.

Going out with a bare face requires that you take care of yourself. Less sleep means dark circles and sallow skin, as does not eating the right things. Love your body, and your natural beauty will be a force to reckon with.

What do you think?

What are you beauty tips about going all natural? Share with us in the comments section below!

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