Remember those Flinstones vitamins we all used to covet as a kid? Well, it’s time to get back to our roots. Though our form of vitamins may have matured, our need to get the right nutrients and essential vitamins for our bodies has remained constant. Read on for the vitamins that every college girl should make a staple in her daily nutrition regimen.


Vitamin D

As women, vitamin D is essential regardless of age or diet. This vitamin helps with bone strength as well as aids your body in the absorption of calcium. Having stronger bones and a higher efficiency level at absorbing calcium can reduce your chances of stress fractures and bone strength deficiency as you get older.

Embrace summer: for a great dose of natural vitamin D, go outside and soak up some sun! With proper sun protection of course. If the sun isn’t your thing, egg yolks, dairy products like milk, and fish are also a great source of vitamin D.


Vitamin C

The clutch aspect of the C vitamin is that it is abundant and naturally occurring in many yummy foods that are staples in many of our diets to begin with. Vitamin C is most important for your immune system, and as college girls we know how important it is to not fall victim to the down side of communal living: germs and viruses. While catching your roommate’s newest plague may seem like another form of love, avoid this fate by stocking up on citrus fruits like oranges that are high in vitamin C.

In addition to strengthening your immune system, the C vitamin also helps keep your attention span up, and helps your body to recover quicker. If citrus fruits aren’t your thing, try an extra helping of strawberries, potatoes, peppers, or broccoli.



Iron is one of the mot important parts of a woman’s diet, because iron deficiencies in women are so common. Iron aids the body in producing hemoglobin, which is a substance that helps red blood cells carry oxygen. With less oxygen being carried to your heart by these cells, you will become very lethargic, pale, dizzy, and experience headaches as well. A proficient iron intake will relieve these symptoms, and help alleviate cramps during your period too.

To get iron, eat lean meats like salmon, and leafy green vegetables, as well as beans.


Vitamin B

The B vitamin also encompasses folic acid, which is important for women regardless of age. Folic acid contained in vitamin B helps to bolster your nervous system and your red blood cell count, specifically B6 and B12. The B vitamin also builds your DNA, and can improve your metabolism. It is also an essential vitamin for women who are pregnant or looking to become pregnant, as it is helpful for both mom and baby!

The good news is that lots of foods contain vitamin B and folic acid: spinach, kale, and most leafy green vegetables, as well as melons, bananas, grains, and beans.



What do you think?

What supplements and vitamins do you make a part of your daily nutrition? Share with us in the comments section below.

Author: Anna Patrick


  1. obsessed with skin care says:

    if you have white skin though (regardless if you are Caucasian or Asian) you should NOT try to get your vitamin d from the sun.

    Studies have shown that people with pale skin cannot sufficiently absorb enough vitamin D from the sun. For a person of paler skin to absorb the same amount as a person of darker skin, they would have to spend hours in the sun everyday, without sun block-risking sun cancer whereas a person of darker skin only requires a minimum of ten minutes.

    For people of paler skin no matter where you live you should take cod-liver supplements. They have the highest amount of vitamin D, where as diary products fortified with the vitamin, and egg yolks contain the minimum amounts. Or you could just eat fish containing the vitamin, which is the traditional way and how your ancestors would have obtained it.

    But no matter what your skin colour is, you should always wear sunblock! Those of pale skin should wear the highest spf you can get, the minimum being 35, whereas people of darker skin do not need the higher spf, and can wear sunblock with a minimum of 15. No matter what your skin colour is you can still get skin cancer so take care.

    Also, if you have darker skin but live in a area where there is hardly ever sunlight, eg, you are of African decent living in Sweden, you may need cod liver oil supplements in order to get your required amount of vitamin d, as you are not getting it the traditional way like how your ancestors did from the sunlight.

    You may also need vitamin d supplements such as cod-liver oil regardless of your skin colour if you cover up your skin from the sun all the time with clothing.

    LOL i love skin as you can see :)

  2. Nina says:

    i take multi vitamin w folic acid to make sure i have every vitamin that exists :D

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