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A while back I wrote the article, 4 Habits You Should Start Adopting in College, and I was thinking why not develop some good habits during the summer? None of this tips require an incredible amount of effort. Just a few new habits to begin which will help you this summer, during the school year, and then into your professional life.

Eat Breakfast

Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast actually consume fewer calories than those who do not. Also eating breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism, so you can begin burning calories for the day, simply by digesting breakfast. So start now!

What to do today: Plan what you are going to have for breakfast the next day now. Pack your breakfast just like you would pack your lunch if you need to.

Long-term benefit: After a few days you’ll start waking up hungry for breakfast, so the habit will be easy to follow after that. And like I said before you’ll be eating fewer calories when you eat breakfast, so in the long run you will be much healthier.

Be professional

Professionalism starts with the way the carry yourself and includes how you speak. This summer make sure you are using professional verbiage on a regular basis.

What to do today: Eliminate the words “ya” and “ok” from your vocab. Instead always say yes, or yes of course. And remember your pleases and thank yous as well. Even when they are not completely necessary.

Long-term benefit: Once you have yourself answering with yes and always saying thank you, you can begin worrying about how you greet people, how you speak on the telephone, how you ask for help, etc. You’ll start to understand how you speak and how far you are from sounding like a true professional.

Be Well rested

College is not an easy time for having a normal sleep schedule, so take advantage of your slower summer responsibilities and focus on your sleep.

What to do today: Start going to bed at the same time every night. If you have to wake up at a certain time, base your bed time off of that. For instance 8-9 hours before you need to wake up.

Long-term benefit: Having a normal sleep schedule will help you fall asleep faster every night. Also any time, heaven forbid, something happens to your alarm you will still wake up relatively at the same time and not be horribly late.

Eat Better

Summer is a great time for eating.  Garden’s are overflowing with tomatoes, fresh herbs, cucumbers, beans, etc. Why not take advantage and start loading up on your fruits and veggies?

What to do today: Start eating a banana with breakfast, apple slice and caramel with lunch, and a salad with dinner. And any time you want a snack stick with carrots and ranch dressing or celery and peanut butter.

Long-term benefit: Fruits and veggies are filled with so many great vitamins and minerals, which will you keep your eyes and skin healthy, keep your blood pressure normal, and give you your daily dose of fiber. So do your body a favor and give it all the nutriets it wants and needs.

Still Want More Ideas? Start:

  • reading the newspaper ever day
  • Drinking a glass of water every morning
  • Putting on lotion/sunscreen every morning
  • Writing a journal every day

What Do You Think?

Any habits you would add to the list? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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  1. clarissaxo says:

    I definitely need to start a sleep routine.

  2. MyAmbition says:

    I never get enough sleep, I need to work on it…

  3. Castle Fashion says:

    My sleeping pattern is so out of wack. That’s definitely the one I need to work on the most :(


  4. Sari says:

    I’m finally getting a normal amount of sleep, and I have somewhat of routine down, and I love it! It’s even easier for me to wake up in the morning :)

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