Every girl has that inner Self, which knows boundless space, compassion, love, and energy: your inner goddess. Tapping into her ultimate wisdom, power, and self-love can help us grow, and help us to connect to the universal Source (whichever name you would like to use that corresponds to your own spirituality!). Read on for four mantras to say to yourself during meditation, during yoga, during a workout, or any time a day when you need to channel the goddess within you.

Come as you are

Our inner goddess don’t need to change for anyone, they are happy simply Being. When you’re channeling how to Be, all of your infinite compassion and knowledge can be tapped and you project your best energy out to the world around you.

I am divine love

Whether it’s someone who just cut you off on the highway, someone who is walking too slowly in front of you, or that poor soul who took the last piece of whatever food you were just about to pick up, our inner goddess does not need to let a person or a set of circumstances affect our energy. The inner goddess is like a river, flowing around obstacles without resistance, and without changing the course of the stream. By using the mantra you tap into your own inner reserves of love, the type of love that lets you act positively and compassionately towards all beings – including yourself.

I honor my energy levels and my emotions as they are in this moment

Be true to what you feel in this moment. Even if what you are currently experiencing is unpleasant, let yourself feel emotions fully without mistaking them for you are. You are not sad – you feel sad, and so on. This way you allow yourself to process any valid energies that flow through your consciousness without confusing them for who you are.

I complete me

Instead of knocking yourself down for any perceived flaws, allow yourself to Be fully and wholly within yourself, letting your inner goddess take the reins. Say this and heal yourself from any subconscious addiction to others’ opinions and actions.

What do you think?

What do you think of these mantras? What are your mantras? Share with us in the comments section below!

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