4 Reasons To Delete Your Facebook And Never Look Back

Yes, I’m serious. There is nothing more liberating than cutting the ties that bind you to arguably the most addictive form of social media out there. Whether you have deleted your Facebook, are considering deleting it, or get nauseous at the thought of it, here are a few reasons to take the plunge.


Keep your life yours.

Sure, keeping up with old friends is great… but who says they necessarily should have access to your entire life now even though you haven’t spoken in months, or years? That relationship status that you update, does everyone really need to know if you’re still dating so-and-so, so they can judge your love life? After I deleted my Facebook I realized that I truly coveted all aspects of my life, from the small moments to the bigger ones like relationships, enough to keep them to myself and those I am truly close with beyond viral perimeters.


Keep friendships and relationships more intimate.

Deleting your Facebook doesn’t mean that people will talk to you less, it just means that they will have to work a little harder to keep in touch with you… but does sending a text really qualify as that much harder anyway? Using the phone or email more helps to keep your relationships at least a little more personal than a Facebook message or chat. And of course, nothing beats in person contact, so deleting Facebook can be a motivating factor to engage in more intimate friendship communication.


Be more productive.

Without the Facebook distraction, you can focus more on what matters to you both online and in your daily life – like that blog you love to update, or going to more exercise classes at the gym or spending more time outdoors. Instead of being a computer zombie, break the cycle and try to embrace the world before Facebook – or in this case, after.


No more drama.

This is really self-explanatory. Without an overabundance of information, or an extra channel in which to monitor or be monitored, you have more control over the information you see and the information others see. No more incriminating photos or statuses, and no stumbling across incriminating wall posts that fill your head with doubt or negative energies.


What do you think?

Have you deleted your Facebook? If so, how do you feel about your decision? Are you thinking of keeping your Facebook, or would you never delete it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Author: Anna Patrick


  1. Sarah says:

    I do think facebook can be a time waster, but as 90% of my friends are foreign or living abroad, Facebook helps me keep in contact with all of them. it also gives me an overview of what they do and how they live abroad without having to permanently ask them over emails. When I see the pictures of my friend’s Finnish Xmas with snow everywhere, or my other friend’s Brazilian adventures, it keeps on that connection without having to always have conversations, especially with time difference. A simple “like” or little comment on a status or pic is a reminder that despite our busy lives, we still think of each other.
    If I had no foreign friends or abroad living friends I don’t think i’d feel the need to have a Facebook. :)

  2. Ang J says:

    Should I delete my posts & likes & pics before deleting my account? Just wondering if anyone else did..

  3. Olivia says:

    I think that FB can be very handy, depending on how you use it. I don’t get on a lot, and when I do I’m not on for a long time. It can make things easier to communicate. I have a friend from HS who I talk to on there a lot, and its much faster to talk on chat than when we text, and its easier than calling each other if we’re studying. I also have a terrible memory, so it helps me remember a few good friends birthdays. It allows me to stay in closer contact with some of my relatives, and I really appreciate that. Facebook is not for everyone, but if used properly it can provide a great experience.

  4. Kelly says:

    I deleted my facebook about 5 months ago and i can say I’ve been much happier and enjoying my life without the drama and people in my business.

  5. Waffen SS says:

    The real thing is facebook sucks.

  6. Kelbs! says:

    I just deleted mine right before seeing this, I guess I’m a little insecure and needed some conformation that what I was doing is right…I feel affirmed. the comments are affirming as well!

  7. cskell says:

    I deleted my facebook a little over two years ago. I personally couldn’t stand the fact that everything is displayed publicly to where anybody can find out what’s going on in other people’s lives.
    Facebook is nothing but a piece of garbage that has warped the use of wonderful social networking tools, such as AOL and MSN instant messenger. At least, on these two social networking tools, everything was more one-on-one; nobody could access your information and read all the messages you send to other people.
    Everytime I would sign onto facebook, I would get friend requests from people who don’t intend to communicate with me (I just rejected their requests), and I would read profiles of people who would digitally create themselves by making themselves appear as though they were one thing, but in reality they were something else. For example, they would create a list of things about themselves that aren’t true – movies they have never watched, video games they have never played, and hobbies they don’t ever engage in.
    After a awhile, I couldn’t stand the world of facebook, and just deleted my account. I just allow others to communicate with my via text message or e-mail.

  8. Jennifer Lewis says:

    I deleted my account after only having it for a few weeks. It was my first time on Facebook. I got an account purely out of curiosity and my boyfriend has one. I had a bad feeling about it the whole time and I think it’s used as a cheating tool a lot. Guys or girls find an old flame and think that even though 20 years has gone by things are still the same. It’s not for me at all.

  9. anastasia says:

    well idk how to do it some of this people is right and some is like ugh true. honestly i feel like a zombie im on it 24/7 i dont study and it gets me mad when i see my ex-bf or my crush is talking to cuter girls like really ugh…. now i understand that this facebook life is taking me out of something really fun in the real world. i also realize that i was putting my life out there something really private something that no one really care thats how i see it and i also realize thats facebook is a way to get haters and is no good my friends -_- well idk i just delete it and hope it goes all good WISH ME LUCK PPL lol

  10. Sarai says:

    I deleted my facebook account 10 months ago after I heard that it is now the top cause of divorce. I am so happy I did. Facebook is so addicting and can be a huge waste of time. There is much more to life, so much more to experience than logging on to a site that will have you glued on it the whole day. My relationship has been 1000 times better, if your in one i suggest you delete it because it subtracts 99% of drama from your life and love life!

    • melissa says:

      Hmyeah. But the top cause of divorce is people cheating on eachother. + Couples often forget they have to talk in real life too. My advice would be; Don’t post EVERYTHING on Facebook. Make sure you have something to talk about. Don’t post your personal issues on Facebook.. Talk to eachother √°bout the good and the bad things.. That’s all you have to do.. :-)

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