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Even though Spring is in full effect and midterms are winding down, we all have those days when sometimes we just need a little extra boost. Some healthy foods have properties and chemicals that naturally increase your energy levels and make for the perfect “mood food” snack to keep you moving throughout the day.



Who says you have to save the best for last? Like any other food, always eat it in moderation, but chocolate is packed with amino acids that give women a natural mood boost. Even without the scientific studies… do we really need an excuse?


Goji Berries

A favorite of smoothie bars and found in many juice blends, goji berries may seem exotic but they can often be found in your local supermarket and in health food stores as they are prized for their anti-oxidant levels. Your man will also love them as they’ve also been found to raise men’s testosterone levels. Anti-oxidants are great for wellbeing as they keep your body energized and increase your mood.

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Ever a favorite among college girls, avocados can be integrated seamlessly into many healthy meals, including avocado salads and dips. What makes the avocado a mood booster is its high levels of folic acid, which is a naturally produced chemical that allows the body to metabolize proteins faster and more efficiently. When your metabolism is more efficient your energy levels are naturally boosted – it’s great in sushi too!



For the more adventurous, chili peppers boost endorphin levels and are a great way to spice up any meal. Even milder chilies still carry the same level of effect, so whether you can take the heat or not, a chili is a great way to lift your mood naturally.

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What’s not to love about almonds – they’re healthy nuts packed with healthy fats and amino acids that promote blood flow and cleanse your system. They give you energy, keep you full for longer, and go great paired with cereals, salads, or trail mix. Another great way to get health benefits from almonds is to drink almond milk – it’s been a favorite with my roommates as it’s sweeter than normal milk but offers much more protein and calcium. Even mixing a splash of almond milk in with your cereal is a great way to sweeten up your day.



What do you think?

What are your favorite mood-bosting snacks? Do you have any good recipes including the foods above? Let us know in the comment’s section below!

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