4 subtle traits of a keeper

Sure, he does all the right things: opens doors for you, shows a genuine interest about you and your passions, and says all the right things. But the true telltale signs of a keeper lay in his subtle patterns and characteristics, which can be more telling of who a person is. Read on for signs to look out for when you’re just starting to date someone new!


He’s nice to his mom.

This is always going to be number one! His mom is the leading lady in his life, and the woman he first learned affection and loyalty from, so his relationship with her can be an indicator of how he may treat you in years to come. While there’s always going to be exceptions to the rule, even the way he handles a rocky relationship with a parent can be a telling sign. Does he try to call her and check in? Is he patient with her even if she can be irrational or overbearing? Does he show affection toward her both verbally and with hugs or kisses? The better he is towards his mom, the better your relationship may be in the long run.


He’s nice to animals.

This doesn’t just include his own four-legged friend, but other pets or other friends’ pets. Being playful, patient, loyal, and caring toward a pet is a big indicator of his level of compassion. Don’t get hung up on whether he’s a “dog person” or a “cat person,” just let him be who he is around all types of animals, and see what conclusions you can draw. On a smaller level it may show his potential paternal instincts if you’re really serious about him for the long haul.


He takes care of himself.

This rule goes way past finances: we’re talking hygiene, responsibilities – the works. If he can keep up with himself and his own life maintenance, chances are the duties won’t fall on you, causing you to “mother” him or pick up unnecessary stress when you start becoming more serious. Even the little things, like how he keeps up with personal hygiene like his nails or facial hair, is an indicator of his level of self awareness and ability to be independent. As girls some of us have the tendency to want to take care or baby our loved ones more than necessary, and that can be all well and good, but making sure that he can take care of himself is a must first.


He drives calmly when you’re in the car.

This isn’t to say that if he has road rage he doesn’t care about you – but pay close attention. If he’s conscientious of his driving habits while he’s in the car with you, it’s a great sign that he’s considerate of you and that he makes you and your safety a priority. If he’s driving like an indie car superstar in an attempt to impress you, he may be coming from the wrong place and still have some maturing to do before he’s ready to get serious.


What do you think?

What are some subtle hints that you look out for when dating someone? Add to our list by dropping us a comment below!

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