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There you are, in the midst of an amazing dream, when suddenly you hear it – the dreaded blaring beep of your alarm. And there you find yourself, warm in your bed, thrown out of your cozy dream world back into the reality of this new day. Maybe you’re still tired, maybe you didn’t sleep well, maybe the stress of the impending day is already getting to you. How do you cope? By remembering a simple mantra: this, like all others before, is your day.


Wake up to your favorite song, play it while you get ready

No matter what that song is for you, set it to be your alarm on your phone, iHome, or any wake up device. My song changes all the time, but right now it’s Come As You Are by Nirvana, it’s one song that I always want to listen to and never gets old. Pick a go-to song that you never get tired of, because you’ll have it stuck in your head all day – but in a good way! Play it as you get ready for the day, kind of like you’re pumping yourself up for the gym, a big game, a night out, or spending time with your special someone.

Disclaimer: some days I just crave the perfect, uninterrupted morning silence. When you get that feeling, honor it. J. Krisnamurti wrote, “People don’t realize how important it is to wake up every morning with a song in your heart.” When I have a quiet, peaceful morning, for me that song becomes joy in existence.

Make sleep a priority

Everyone has a different magic sleep number – that golden number of the amount of hours it takes for you to wake up feeling well rested and energetic for the day to start. While most studies claim 8 hours, I think it is unfair to blanket the human race with one number. The amount of hours you need to sleep will change depending on your age or lifestyle. Whatever that number is for you, do your best to honor it and make it a priority, it’s the easiest way to start the day off right.

Give yourself a mini facial

Take an extra minute and do this morning treatment for yourself: after you brush your teeth and wash your face in the sink, turn the faucet on full heat for a few seconds, lower your head, close your eyes, and let the little bit of steam wash over your face. It’ll give you that extra wake up kick, but it’s also incredibly soothing.

Enjoy a few minutes to yourself

In my experience, how you start your day is usually a reflection of how your day will play out. So why go into it rushed? Try to set a few minutes aside to connect with yourself. For me, I use my few minutes to meditate – but whatever method is comfortable for you is your goal to enjoy for five minutes: sip on a glass of juice, milk, or water, or read for a few minutes. Try to avoid inundating your stream of consciousness with mental to-do lists or worries. Check in, see how your feeling, and enjoy yourself in your natural state.


What do you think?

What are your favorite morning rituals? Are you a morning person? What’s your favorite way to start the day? Add to our list in the comments section below!

Author: Anna Patrick


  1. Cheyenne says:

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  2. Cheyenne says:

    Fine I am sorry…… I should not have been so mean/…… sorry about the language i am the bigger bitch and that is for sure….. i am just underalot of stress and i have a baby and i am pergent 2 kids at 20 is not fun!! two kids and one on the way!!

  3. Stephanie says:

    calm down, calm down. I’m sure you learned a lot in your “kindergardon” and I’m sure that’s where you even learned how to spell and write. I thought we were talking about wasting water, but apparently we’re on the topic of who’s the bigger bitch. If you want my opinion, you’re kinda crazy. But Cheyenne, before you blow a vein, let’s shake hands and call it truce. To what truce, I have no idea.

  4. Cheyenne says:

    Oh hi Stephanie! Maybe you should take a chill pill, I dont need one! Sure you may be entitled to state your opinion but you know what, you need to lay, you said you were just trying to “offend” the author, bullshit you said your sentance just like this “it is a waste of WATER” You also know, i am entitled to saying my opinion and my opinion is that you are a bitch, just FYI I don’t care what you think! so 2 things for you

    1. Take a chill pill

    2. (I learned this in kindergardon!) If you have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all–

    apply it sometime!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Hey cheyenne, is this the pot calling the kettle black? All I’m stating is that I feel that running your water for an x amount of time is just a waste and I was throwing out another option. By no means am I trying to offend the author. And you know what? I am entitled to give my opinion and comments. So maybe take a chill pill before calling people a bitch for commenting on an article. By the way, it’s OPINION, not oppinion.

  6. Cheyenne says:

    @ stephanie: what you recommend uses about as much water as using it run! Lay off! I like the mini facial! And it is personal use what wakes you up more for me, I put my face up agianst the steam like it said in the passage! Your oppinion unless you are gonna say it nice, keep your oppinion to yourself! Bitch!

  7. Stephanie says:

    doing that mini facial is a waste of WATER! If you really want a facial, put a cloth under hot/ cold (if you REALLY wanna wake up) and squeeze dry then apply to your face. WATER should not be wasted!

  8. ChelC says:

    Waking up to my favorite song is by far the best way to start the day. I typically use the radio, though. I tend to get used to my alarm sounds, so recycling noise is a no-go for me. But, it makes those days when your favorite song DOES wake you up THAT much better!!!

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