It’s spring and love is in the air, so why not awe your man with a few romantic surprises now that the weather is warm and… well, do you really need an excuse?

Go on a scenic drive

Picture this: the windows are down, your favorite songs are blasting, and you’re surrounded by country with adventures around every turn. In short, being spontaneous is sexy. Hit the open road, drive somewhere neither of you have been before, and see what you find! Getting lost is half the fun.

Cook together

Making a meal together is a great way to discover your man’s likes and dislikes, and a fun way to work together to achieve something delicious. If going rogue isn’t your thing, cooking classes are popping up everywhere, teaching you how to make everything from sushi to pastries.

If you’re like me, all new adventures carry with them the possibility for a little fun and sexy competition. If you’re at home, why not challenge him to a Top Chef Masters competition in your own kitchen – both of you are given the same 5-10 ingredients, and whoever makes the tastiest meals gets whatever they want from the other. Or, take the game up a notch and try Strip Top Chef, where an article of clothing is removed for every unused ingredient.

Make your own drive-in movie theater

All you need is a little outdoor space, a comfy nest of pillows and blankets, your favorite flick, and of course some delicious treats. For a more authentic experience, if you have a projector you can hang up a white sheet for a more organic vibe, but the old laptop fallback is always an option too.

To really treat him, make some homemade popcorn with lots of different seasonings and toppings – caramel, light cheeses, chocolate candies, anything you want! Indulge his sweet tooth and get creative at the same time.

Take a weekend trip

If you have the time and money, why not make a little weekend getaway for two? Even staying at a hotel around where you live for a night is less expensive than major travel, and you still get to have some alone time together and enjoy a change of scene. Pretend you’re on vacation and indulge yourselves a little… or a lot.

What do you think?

What are your favorite ways to surprise the man in your life? Have you tried any from our list? Share your story in the comments section!

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