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Tired of the same old soak, exfoliate, moisturize beauty routine? Why not add a few beauty tricks to your repertoire from all over the world! Read on for beauty secrets from five different countries.



When you think of Italian women, what comes to mine? Dark, luscious and shiny locks! Many Italian women make a hair mask using olive oil and yogurt to get lots of shine and bounce, without breaking the bank.

First, use one cup of full-fat yogurt and one teaspoon of olive oil and mix together well. Smooth the mixture onto your hair, let sit for about five minutes, and then wash it out with cold water.



For getting the perfect skin, Australian women have been known to use papaw ointment for a multi-purpose treatment that works on rough or dry skin, cuts, dry lips, splinters, skin discoloration, or even sunburn.

The papaw tree is common in Australia, and the ointment is fairly inexpensive and can be purchased on beauty sites or even Rosie-Huntington Whitely, a Victoria’s Secret angel, uses it on her lips often.



To reduce discoloration in nails for a perfect manicure, Frech women indulge in at-home manicures and let their fingers soak in a concoction of warm water and lemon juice. The excess lemon juice is also great for adding to a glass of water or tea while you relax for an extra boost!



As college girls many of us here the word “beer” and automatically run for Svedka. But beer can be useful in realms other than frats. Some German women use beer as a hair conditioner! After washing hair with an organic shampoo and rinsing, apply a lager beer for about 30 minutes and then rinse.

Chamomile is also used by some German women to enhance blonde hair.



For battling the winter months’ harmful affect on skin, an old Russian remedy is to use honey. Honey is not only moisturizing, but when sugar is added it also acts as a moisturizing exfoliant. Rubbing the mixture onto your face also promotes circulation in your skin, giving you an instant glow



What do you think?

What is your favorite beauty trick? Do you have any other beauty tips from other countries to add to the list? Leave us a comment below.

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  1. Polina says:

    Will try some of these out. I knew about honey being good for you but who would have thought of beer in your hair?! Thanks for the tips!

  2. I would never have thought of these! Thanks!

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