Many of you may be thinking about getting a tattoo. I am a textbook example of how you can make mistakes when getting tattooed, especially if you’re getting your first tattoo. Here are some of the most common when it comes to getting inked, and questions you should definitely consider.

1. Why do I want to get a tattoo?

My Story: Nothing interesting. When I was 17 years old I came back home after 2 terrible months spent as a model in South Korea, and I had sworn to myself that I will never work as a model again. And that was the reason why I decided to get a tattoo, because it’s quite a big obstacle for being a model.

Here you can see the first big mistake. Getting a tattoo as a protest against something may seem ingenious at the time. But before you decide to get a tattoo you have to think about what the real reason for getting one is, and change your mind if it’s one of the following reasons: As a protest against parents, teachers, or against  faith (religious or personal). If it’s “cool.” If your BFF also got a tattoo, or if you just want to seem more interesting.

You have to do it only for yourself, just because you really want it. Tattoo ink is not a marker!

2. Picture

My Story: I had many ideas about what pictures I wanted to get tattooed… And I definitely chose the stupidest one. I was thinking about notes and treble clef because I play several instruments. But no, I finally chose a star – I don’t own a star, I can‘t even draw a star, I’m not an astronomer, I do not want to be a superstar… I don’t have anything in common with the stars, absolutely nothing. But then it was just a cool idea.

If you want a picture tattooed, it definitely should have some meaning for you. It shouldn’t be anything transient or “in.” You like horses? – Get a tattoo of horse. You like music? – Notes. Sport? – Hmm, I’m out of ideas now, but whatever – maybe a soccer ball. Something that is really close to you.

3. Signs

The second option is an inscription, like a word, phrase, or quote.

One word – opposite rule than with the images or the quotations. I don‘t know who would like to have a wrist tattoo of the word “beef” or “football” … In this case are better general terms like”love” or “life.” You’ll know what it means to you.

A complete sentence – the same rule as with the images. The best would be something about your personal philosophy of life, describing the life you truly live. Actions you really do, or desires. The best option is when you hear the quote for the first time and you tell yourself, “This describes exactly everything I have done up through now.”

4. What is the right part of body for a tattoo?

My story: So I knew that I wanted the star, but I had to decide where to put it. At least at this point I wasn’t so stupid, I finally chose the abdomen so it is visible only when I’m wearing swimsuit. Think about the future! I know that now you won’t mind a tattoo in a visible place, but you don‘t know where your life will take you, and, for example, what profession you will choose. Even an innocent tattoo above the ankle could be a problem, if you worked in a prestigious company and you had to wear suits and high heels.

A huge tattoo taboo is getting a tattoo on your face. Everything else can be hidden, but you can’t walk with a mask on the street.

5. How long will this tattoo be fun and relevant to me?

My story: You must accept the fact that you may live with it all your life. I’m ok with my star. I’m not saying I’m happy I got it, but I do not mind.

Well, if we are talking about the classic tattoo, you should count on having it for the rest of your life. Imagine yourself at 50 years old with the tattoo, how do you feel about it?

Parents and friends will warn you, “You’ll regret it! You can not erase it!” and they are right.

What do you think?

Do you have a tattoo? Do you like it? Would you get a tattoo? Let us know in the comments section below!



  1. avatar Nissa says:

    I have a small tattoo behind my ear, it’s one that is barely noticeable unless you know its there but it has major meaning to me, its a heart with an infinity symbol running through it, i got this for my grandparents that have passed (love forever ya’know) i dont think i will ever regret it. and it’s easy to cover (most jobs let you keep your hair down, problem solved)

  2. avatar Samia Scott says:

    I wrote a poem about love and I really want to get it tattooed because it explains how I feel on so many levels. And it’s only a few lines so it shouldn’t take up much space.

  3. avatar Lindsay Lou says:

    I got a large star on my left side a month after I turned 18. I’ve always had an affinity for stars, and decided to get one against my parents’ wishes and just not tell them. However, the guilt I felt as incomparable, so I soon sought out a med spa that would remove my tattoo.

    Laser tattoo removal is THE MOST PAINFUL THING I’VE EVER EXPERIENCED IN MY LIFE! Every time I left an appointment (made in secret so my parents wouldn’t find out) I would just break down sobbing in the car, upset with myself and my hasty decisions.

    Now, after six painful treatments, my star is faded but not completely gone, nor will it ever be. I’ve learned to accept my tattoo as a very permanent symbol of living and learning. It reminds me to think through my decisions and consider how they will effect me and others I care about.

    My only advice is to think about how your tattoo will make you feel around others: parents, grandparents, future employers, etc. It may alter your decision…

  4. avatar JacquelineW says:

    A word of caution about abdomen tattoos: if you ever get pregnant someday your tattoo will not…survive in its original shape :)

  5. avatar ynw says:

    I just got tat number 2 finished a week ago.
    Back tattoos are a great place to put them, I think. Easily covered and likely won’t stretch as much as an abdomen tattoo with time.

  6. avatar Jaklyn says:

    I got my first tattoo last year and I am so happy with what I got. I designed it myself to represent me and the things important to me. It has an open book with a rose over it, a star on the one end and music notes surrounding it. It’s my middle name (Rose), my nickname and Girl Guide Leader name (Star) and my two favourite things/hobbies (Reading and Music). It’s on my left shoulder so it can easily be shown or covered.

    I must say though, I am glad I waited a while to get it. I had wanted a tattoo for a long time, but it took me a few years to come up with a design that I absolutely loved. I recommend that if you’re going to get a tattoo find something you like and wait a little while (a month maybe) to see if you still love that thing.

    I already have plans in the works for my next tattoo and I can’t wait :D

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