What a crazy concept! School, let alone anything, being better than..su-su-summer?! Well, we’ve got to look on the positive side of things, because whether we like it or not, summer is winding to an end, and it will be time to head back to campus soon enough (if it isn’t that time already for you). So here are five reasons why it’s not all bad to ditch the beach for the classroom:

College Friends

Hooray for college friends! If nothing else, you know you can get pumped about seeing all your college besties again. Most likely, you’ve barely seen them since spring exams, since most people go to their hometown over summer break. Look forward to catching up with everyone, sharing crazy summer stories, and getting amped for all the fun times you’ll have this year together!

Living ‘Rent Free

No not rent free, but pa-rent free! We love our families dearly but shifting from the freedom of college back to a midnight curfew is an easy way to cramp your style. After a whole summer of having to check in, take out the trash, and drive your little brother to soccer practice, it’ll be a nice change to return to living by your own rules. No curfew required.

Weekends Off

Unless you were lucky enough to not have to work over the summer, or at least to score a Mon-Fri job, chances are your days off didn’t typically fall in a convenient Friday-Saturday-Sunday pattern, meaning partying was a little more scattered and difficult to plan. But with class in session you know you’re garunteed to have those days (and maybe more, depending on your schedule) duty-free and with lots of time to go out with friends and slough off the stress of the week.

A Full Datebook

The joy of summer often lies in the fact that there is nothing you need to do. But after awhile, you’re about to claw out your eyes with boredom. Whether it be a sorority social, a scholarship dinner, or just Thirsty Thursdays at the campus pub, there’s always something to do during the school year, so your social calender will never be blank. By the end of summer, the pressure of doing everything you need to do will be a welcome change from the pressure of having nothing to do whatsoever.

Diving into Studies

Maybe it’s just the nerd in me, but I believe college isn’t just a stepping-stone towards what we really want to do in life. We chose our majors because it’s something we’re passionate about (hopefully) and even if all your classes don’t make you giddy with excitement, there’s usually a few courses, or elements of courses that really get you interested and excited to learn. Enjoy your studies while you still can and really plunge into them to get the most out of your academics this year.

What Do You Think?

What are you looking forward to for back to school? Are you totally bummed that summer is ending? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. avatar Elle says:

    Love this post! Agree with all of this. I much prefer college to summer at home… not so much the classes- but they’re not all that bad, and I love the freedom and the friends. The bonds are much different with people you’ve lived nearby with and went through the college years with. (I’m just starting my second year though…)

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