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It’s time to bust the biggest myth that has been running rampant among college girls, and girls in general, for far too long: not eating will not make you lost fat, especially if you want to be healthy. To lose fat in a healthy weight, and keep it off, eating is actually your greatest ally. If burning fat is your health objective, read on for 10 foods that will do the trick.



There’s a reason Natalie Portman chowed down on these when working towards her dancer’s body in The Black Swan. They contain a lot of fiber, and thus slow down your digestive system to keep you full for longer.



Cucumbers and low-cal and mostly water-based to keep you hydrated. They have also been shown to decrease your chance of developing liver disease and pancreatic cancer. The natural minerals and cucumbers are also great for your natural beauty, giving you shiny hair and healthy nails.


Ice water

There has been thousands of studies done about the benefits of drinking lots of water, and it is becoming a well known fact that your daily recommended amount of water – eight to ten glasses – can burn anywhere from 250 to 500, particularly if it’s cold because your body has to burn fat to heat the water to your body temperature.


Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is the new black as far as yogurt is concerned. High in protein and other probiotic nutrients, it is still creamy and rich enough to replace a fatty or sweet meal that you might crave. It’s protein content will also help you stave off of hunger cravings.


Green tea

Green tea is a great fat burner because it helps the body to metabolize abdominal fat thanks to a phytochemical known as catechins.



This healthy grain on average contains about 8 grams of protein per cup and about 5 grams of fiber. It also can be worked into a great meal with veggies and lean meats.



Cinnamon, a miracle spice, helps the body to break down blood sugar that could turn into fat in your body as well as to lower your blood glucose levels, which creates insulin that can turn excess calories into fat if levels are unbalanced.



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Author: Anna Patrick


  1. Eric W. says:

    Be careful with tea, as it contains a high level of fluoride. When buying cinnamon make sure it is the real deal, most commercial “cinnamon” is actually curamin.

  2. adam says:

    thank you alot, i will use Cinnamon

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