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A lot of people like to give back to the community during the holidays, but people are in need year round. Maybe your New Year’s resolution is to take part in more service projects, or maybe you have always wanted to but never knew where to start. Whatever your reason, here are a few ideas to get you started with the brainstorming process.

1. Get baking

Make baked goods and sell them around campus, or go door-to-door around the neighborhood.

2. Go door-to-door

Usually if you’re not affiliated with a specific charity people will be skeptical, so make sure that you have a letter from the foundation or organization to show that you are really collecting for a specific charity.

3. Plan an event

Throw a party, organize a sporting event on campus like a faculty vs. student basketball game, or set up a talent show. Have a small entrance fee at the door, and send the money made to the organization.

4. Volunteer

Volunteer at a food pantry, shelter, or a hospital.

5. Collect material donations

Hold a toy, clothes, or shoe drive.

6. Get involved

Join the big brother/big sister program. As a college student you’ve already accomplished so much and would be a great mentor for troubled youth.


What do you think?

In what ways do you give back to your community? What are some of your favorite ways to volunteer? Let us know in the comments section.

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