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So you’re one of those couples who has been together for a while and you’ve grown bored of the whole “dinner and a movie” routine? Here are some cool things you guys probably haven’t done. From the sky to down below.

1. Parasailing and Skydiving

If you’re a thrill seeking couple this might be fun for you guys, and even if you’re not it’s a cool thing to do because it can definitely be a bonding experience.

2. Scuba diving and Hot air ballooning

If you guys like to take in the beauty of nature this could be a really cool thing to do.

3. Go camping or to a couple’s resort

If you’re an outdoorsy couple you might enjoy a weekend of camping and hiking, if you’re not really an outdoorsy couple a weekend at a resort with massages and hot tubs could be the way to go.

4.  Go someplace out of the ordinary

There are some places called “lights out” restaurants or “blind” restaurants where there are absolutely no lights and the only people who can see are the waiters who use night goggles. Experiencing tasting food without actually seeing it could be a really exciting date night! That choice is only for couples who are up for new experiences and trying new things. Also, if you’re a ballsy couple you might enjoy going to a restaurant where the waiters are rude to you on purpose. They are paid to be rude and frank with you. For example, there is a restaurant chain called Dick’s Last Resort, which does just that and makes silly hats for diners. Remember that choice is only for couples with a really good sense of humor.

5. Poetry slams or art exhibits, for the creative couple.

6. Try and do something that scares both of you

Sharing a common fear and facing that fear together can bring you closer.

7. Make a game

Have both of you plan separate games for the other person to do on Valentine’s Day. Make a scavenger hunt mixed with dares, or write a dare underneath. Whoever finishes first with the most dares completed wins, and gets to choose what to do for the rest of the day.

Have fun!


What do you think?

What is your idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day? What are your plans for this year? Let us know in the comments section below!


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