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You often don’t feel beautiful.

You see people in magazines and on the street rock a look effortlessly but whenever you give it a shot it feels clumsy.

You’re interested in feeling more attractive and confident, but most days it feels like too much work. With hair, makeup, clothes and much more there’s so much to worry about it’s overwhelming.

Luckily feeling beautiful doesn’t have to involve spending hours in front of the mirror each morning or robbing a bank for crazy surgeries. And with a new school year right around the corner, now’s the perfect time to spice things up and try out these beauty and self care tips. Read on to find out.


1.) Plan Out Your Best Outfits with a Look Book


The Look Book is a fashion idea that has been taking the internet by storm. It takes some prep work at the beginning, but it’ll be fun and in the long run will make it much easier to pull the best outfits out of your closet. Here’s how you pull one off.

  1. Pick a day/days when you have lots of time
  2. Optional: To make going through your clothes easier, donate all the clothes you never wear/hate/grown out of.
  3. Try out different outfit combos. New and old ones. Let your imagination go wild. Show your outfit ideas to friends and family and get input.
  4. Take photos of your best outfits to remember them.
  5. This catalog of photos or Look Book can be digital photos on your phone/computer, photos you get developed at a store, Polaroid photos, whatever suits you the most

The beauty of the Look Book is that it takes the stress and time out of finding the perfect outfit for every occasion since the work is already done. Whenever you need a great outfit, pull out your Look Book, pick out a photo you like and run with it.


2.) Keep Your Power Accessories Ready

You know how in books protagonists have objects that bring out their power, sort of like how Harry has his invisibility cloak or wand? Whether you want to call them power objects, power accessories or weapons of mass seduction, you have them in your closet too.

These power accessories make you feel and look your best. A power accessory can take the form of a lucky shirt you wear on exam days, your favorite belt that matches everything, a hair band that always gets you lots of compliments. If it’s something that flatters you and brings out your confidence, it’s a power accessory. Go through your closet and your room and take note of your own power accessories. Whenever you need a power/confidence boost bust out one of these accessories to wear, heck, wear more than one if you’re having a super bad day. You’ll start feeling more beautiful and powerful in no time.


3.) Smile and Laugh


Looking to your closet isn’t the only way to feel beautiful, simply smiling and laughing can do wonders. People generally rate people who smile as more attractive than non-smiling folks.

See how you could incorporate more smiles and laughter into the day today. Perhaps you can play a goofy board game with friends, read a funny story or play with children/pets. There are lots of way to incorporate joy into your day. You’re only limited by your imagination.


4.) Give Yourself a Confidence Boost

Most people would agree a lot that confidence is a huge part of beauty. And even on your worse day there are lots of quick ways to give yourself a confidence boost.

Strike a dynamic superhero pose when you’re feeling powerless and down. Have a field day with it and strike as many powerful poses in the mirror as possible. After all, body language is vital to confidence. Confident people have their heads held high and people who have given up have their head in their hands.

Other ways to boost your confidence is to give yourself a pep talk, talk to yourself as if you were a good friend you wanted to support as much as possible.

Check out this great ted talk to learn more about confidence in the face of adversity and to get a little daily dose of inspiration.

5.) Masturbate Like a Champ!

Masturbation can be embarrassing to talk about, but flicking the old bean is actually a fabulous way of feeling attractive.

When you’re in the middle of a quickie you can’t help but appreciate the little details of your body and the pleasure it’s capable of. You’ll learn to appreciate the softness of your calf or the sensitivity of your neck and grow a more soulful relationship with yourself. Masturbating can also help you de-stress and fall to dreamland easier which can only help your beauty sleep.

So next time you’re bored and need a pick-me-up, don’t be afraid of some self-love.

6.) Dance Like It’s Your Birthday

Dancing not only helps you get in tune with your body, it also can help your skin. Since it helps your blood circulation and helps you sweat out dirt/oil, dancing gives you a beautiful glow.

Dancing and other forms of physical activity have great psychological effects as well. It can raise your mood and your confidence which can really bring out your beauty too.

Next Steps


True beauty isn’t about nail polish, make-up or having the best clothes. The miraculous thing about make-up and fashion is that you can experiment with different sides of yourself, like goth punk one day and bohemian hippee the next. But true beauty isn’t defined by those things.

Real beauty is valuing yourself and confidently framing yourself so others can see that value as well. Long hours in the mirror is one way to get there but luckily, the paths to being the most beautiful you and living a beautiful life is as unique and varied as you are.

What do you think?

Try out one or two of these tips today and let us know in the comments down below what makes you feel beautiful. Stay gorgeous, ladies!

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