The bells have stopped ringing, the trees have come down, and those unwanted gifts are returned. So what comes next? Our annual broken promises to ourselves: New Year’s resolutions. With each new year that rolls in so do our claims of change for the upcoming year. So how exactly do we keep our resolutions all year long? Lucky for us we live in a time where technology makes everything, almost everything, possible. Below is a compiled list of free iPhone apps that help you keep those resolutions in check.

Fitness & Health: My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal offers over 2 million food choice that help track your calories, which also includes fast food entry! You can also track your exercise and view it on the easy to use app. Fitness Pal breaks down your progress into daily, weekly and an overall summary of your fitness goals. Want to inspire others? Fitness Pal makes it easy for you to share your progress and activity with your Facebook friends for some added support!

Finances: Pageonce

Finally, an app that allows you to be responsible at the touch of your fingers. Pageonce gives you the ability to pay and track your bills, and get reminders on when your bills are due, so you’re never behind. Pageonce also allows you to schedule your payments to selected vendors. The user friendly app lets you see how much cash you have, track your credit card debt, and even sends you confirmation when your payment is complete.

Organization: ReQall

Never miss a task with ReQall, which enables you to enter new tasks through voice and text entry. This app gathers and manages your to-do list. Use your email or instant messenger accounts to receive alerts on your tasks. Reqall automatically organizes dates, times, locations and certain keywords, allowing you to create tags. This app tracks where you are and alerts you with a task that is entered in that location.

Travel: Tripit

Enter all your trip information and Tripit does the rest, creating an well organized itinerary that syncs with your calendar. Keep track of your confirmations and store them in one place with Want to keep friends and family in the loop, Tripit allows you to share your plans via email or Facebook.

Education: iTunes U

Take free courses created by instructors from known colleges and universities and others. See all assignments and check them off as you complete them. With iTunes U you can take notes and highlights in iBooks, record lectures with audio and videos, store books, documents and presentation on your phones. Missed a class? Connect with other students in your class where they can share notes, lectures etc. on available social networks.

Side Note: If your school is not listed on iTunes U or need more resources, look on your schools website and look for links to keep you connected to your school, usually found under the media section!

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What do you think of this list? Have you used any of these apps? What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Share with us in the comments section below!


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