Jennifer is a 19-year-old at a university in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She just finished her freshman year of an honours bachelor of science program, with a specialization in psychology. She has a love of fashion, and her favourite fashion magazine is Flare, which she has had a subscription to since 2006. Her interest in fashion, combined with one year under her belt, and the fact that she is a self-proclaimed bundle of random facts and information, help her to write posts on lots of areas of student life.

Likes: old movies (especially ones with Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and/or Gregory Peck), books in general, chocolate, old anime (such as Sailor Moon, Pokemon and Digimon), and liquid eyeliner.Dislikes: having a messy desk, the smell of nail polish remover, onions, and bad hair days.

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The 10 Online Stores You're Not Already Shopping

The 10 Online Stores You’re Not Already Shopping

Updated for 2023 It’s almost spring: time to pull out the remains of your student loan (joking, of course) and buy that new spring/summer wardrobe. Crawling the mall is always an option, but it’s often...
How To... Keep Cool At Your Summer Internship

How To… Keep Cool At Your Summer Internship

Did you bag that perfect summer internship? With everyone talking about summer plans, it’s never to early to start talking about another necessity – staying cool while you’re at it.  Brutal, never ending heat has...
How to...Stay in Touch with College Friends Over the Summer

How to…Stay in Touch with College Friends Over the Summer

Between work, lazing out on the beach, and catching up with high school friends, you will probably assume you won’t have time to think of your friends from college who all went home...