Hi! My name is Joanne and I am in my third year at a university in Ontario taking Communications and Business. I always have more on my plate than I can handle, but like it that way! My dream is to one day put my schooling to work as a PR rep for a major fashion magazine.


Fancy coffee, riding boots, oversized purses, dancing, old musicals, the ocean and mac photobooth.


Rain, squirrles, SUVs, fedora hats (on me... and most other people), and Ed Hardy anything

I am excited to be writing for Every College Girl and also have my own blog!

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How To… Start Your Internship Search

Although the second semester of school has just started, it will be over before you know it! Soon you will hopefully be embarking on a fast-paced and career-enhancing summer internship. How do you get that...

How to… Be Your Own Barista!

It’s that cold time of the year (probably the coldest it will be all season), where I live the temperature has plummeted to a low of -30 degrees Celsius. On days like this all a...

How to…Wear Large Stud Earrings

  A recent fashion and beauty craze brought back from a classier time is large stud earrings. These are great for any college girl as they are simple, mostly inexpensive, and jazz up any outfit...

Beauty Essentials for College Girls

Now that our internships are officially behind us and classes are back in full force, us college girls are adapting our wardrobes to match. Out with suit jackets and button-ups and in with jeans, boyfriend...

Stylish Coats for Cool Weather

Although summer seems like it is still here , fall is fast approaching, and before we know it winter will be knocking at our doorsteps! However, despite the nasty weather that comes in...