Lauren Brunke

I am currently a junior at Slippery Rock University, studying Communication. I have written for Coastal Carolina's student run newspaper, as well as various newsletters and newspapers in/around Pittsburgh, PA. I am a very proud sister of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority. When I grow up, I'd love to be a journalist, as well as a trophy wife. But I'll work on that second part later.

Likes: GPhiB, writing, Andy Warhol, Twitter, traveling, poetry and good quotes, the beach, and especially carbs

Dislikes: Cold weather, bananas, traffic jams, and missing out on a good sale

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Sorority 201: Sisters On the Other Side

Recruitment week is stressful for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re going through looking to join a sorority, a sister recruiting girls to join your sorority, a parent with a daughter going through recruitment, a...

Classy is the New Black

The New Oxford American dictionary defines class as something that is “informal, stylish, and sophisticated.” Every girl seems to be caught up in the idea of being classy. Rightfully so. No girl wants to be...
dorm room

Three Super Easy Crafts to Decorate Your Dorm Room

One of the most fun things, I thought, about moving into my dorm freshman year was finally being able to decorate how I wanted. Moving into your own dorm and out of your parents house...

How To… Handle Traveling Alone

Traveling can be extremely stressful, particularly for those flying alone for the first time. Airports can be crowded and overwhelming, with numerous tasks to complete in a limited timeframe. Sometimes, a girl’s first flying experience...

How To… Burn 100 Calories Right Now!

Between summer classes, having a social life, and having a job, it can be difficult to get a good, solid work out in every single day. You probably already know that it’s important to do...

A Personal Story From A Fellow College Girl: What Really Happens With A DUI?

To give you an exact date, it was May 28th, 2011. It was around 2 or 3 in the morning. I had been at one of my sorority sister’s houses for a party. It was...
hot wings

How To… Make Super Easy Hot Wings

During the summer, there is always an explosion of grilling out, picnics, and “just because” get-togethers. One of my personal favorites is always hot wings. Unfortunately, because we’re in college, the majority of us probably...
Sun Protection

How To… Safely Enjoy the Summer Sun

Summer is the perfect time to hang around with friends, chill by the pool, and enjoy the shining sun. It can also be the worst time for your skin. It’s easy to forget about your...
Long Distance Relationships

LDR: Is the Relationship Worth the Distance?

You watch it on movies, you read it in books, you see it on TV shows, and you’re told to avoid it at all costs. The LDR, long distance relationship, is more or less frowned...
Recruitment 101

Sorority Recruitment 101: The Basics You Need To Know

Congratulations incoming freshman ladies, you are now officially what any sorority sister would consider a “Potential New member” (PNM for short)! If you’re not a legacy, all that means is that you can potentially become...