Elizabeth Bayer

Elizabeth is a full time advertising student at the University of Oregon, where she manages her time between school, work, running, blogging and having somewhat of a social life. As a native Oregonian, she cannot wait to move to L.A. when she graduates and somehow find a job that makes enough money to live there. Until then, you can find her exploring running trails by day and wearing her stilettos by night. Her current obsessions are giving back to the community through various volunteer projects and on a less important note, bedazzling everything in sight. You can follow her on Twitter @LizzieBayer!

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Revelio! Get Emma Watson’s Style

The last installment of the beloved Harry Potter series hit theatres last week, so to celebrate why not channel the always stylish Emma Watson? This upcoming star always manages to look polished, but she also brings some British edge...

What Not to Wear For Christmas

Listen up ladies! Christmas is almost here! If you haven’t decided on what you are wearing for this occasion, here are some tips to keep in mind of what not to do. Hideous Christmas Sweater:...

Holiday Beauty: What to Pack for Home

Heading home this holiday season? If you are like me, you might think that bringing your entire makeup drawer with you is a good idea. I mean you never know when you might need those...