Lita Booker

 I am a Eureka College student. I major in Nursing and like to take some elective classes to enhance my creativity. Some of the things that I enjoy are playing volleyball and working out. I also love to write poetry and short stories; and I like to watch movies and plays. My goal in life is to become a Nurse Practitioner and travel around the world helping people and writing medical journals, travel journals, and fictional books or stories inspired by different countries and cultures.

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Your ECG Survival Guide To Finals

It’s around that time again, that terrible, terrible time when you have mountains of things to study for and projects to do but all you can seem to do is procrastinate. Here are some simple...

College Girl Budget: Get The Things You Need For Less

As money-savvy college girls, we’re always looking for new ways to save. When you’re looking for that new way to decorate your room, for that new outfit for the weekend, or for a new piece...
bake sale

6 Ways to Give Back to the Community

A lot of folks enjoy giving back to their community during the holidays, but there’s always someone who needs help, no matter the time of year. So, whether your New Year’s resolution involves participating in...

7 Sweet Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day with Your Honey

So you’re one of those couples who has been together for a while and you’ve grown bored of the whole “dinner and a movie” routine? Here are some cool things you guys probably haven’t done....
Valentines Singles

7 Fun Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day Single

Being single on Valentine’s Day may seem like a horrible thing, but there are some pretty fun things you can do yourself and with your friends. From the party girl to the girl who just...

How to Choose a Major

Over 60% of college students change their major their freshman or sophomore years of college. Even I did. My theory of why this is: We’re kids who haven’t experienced life yet! How are we supposed...