Madi Hadel

Madelyn is an 18 year old freshman at Colorado State University in Pueblo, Colorado. Her major is currently undeclared as she can't make up her mind; one day it's Business, the next it's Nursing, and currently she has her sights set on Graphic Design.

Madelyn is very family-oriented and enjoys spending the majority of her time with her two older sisters, Mandy and Torie, and her younger brother, Mitchell. She confesses to spending way too much time on the internet and loves blogging and watching Youtube videos.

She is obsessed with her two kittens and her friends often dub her "the crazy cat lady." Madelyn is looking forward to her freshman year and is hoping to make the most out of her college experience.

Likes: Diet Coke, roadtrips, reading, making collages, Titanic, vintage/thrift shopping, sleepovers, typography, pen pal letters, rainy days, tattoos, taking naps, and chicken tacos.

Dislikes: mice, misspelling words, and people who chew with their mouths open.

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