Mariah is a 19-year old International Relations major at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas. She is absolutely in love with her eReader, especially for staying updated on current affairs. She actively participates in her sorority as the Service Chair and in other organizations involving human rights. She's all about being organized and involved, but knows when to have fun too!

Likes: pedicures, impulse shopping, new languages, Drop Dead Diva, organizational tools, lilies, and lip stains

Dislikes: humidity, thunder and lightning, a chaotic mess, and professors that lack a sense of humor

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To Rush or Not to Rush: Sorority 101

To Rush or Not to Rush: Sorority 101

Shows like Greek depict sorority life in an exaggerated fashion. So, how is a young college girl to know what to expect through recruitment? And how do you know if that’s what you want in...