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Hello! My name is Xena and I’m a college student currently pursuing a degree in Dental Hygiene. Although my goal is to eventually claim a successful career in the dental field, I have a side passion for blogging and digital marketing. I discovered freelance writing during my first year in college and have since turned what started out as a small hobby into a full-time job that I love.

Currently, I run my own blog (be sure to check out the link above), work as a digital marketing assistant/project manager for an agency, take college courses, manage social media accounts, and write blog articles for clients. (I know, I have like no social life. lol) When I'm not doing all of this, I love trying out new food (Thai is probably my fav), spending too much time aimlessly wandering the aisles of Sephora, and attempting home DIYs that never turn out as good as the picture on Pinterest. Read below to find out some more random info about me. :)



Rockclimbing, London Fogs, folksy tunes, and anything cuddly (not so secretly dying to have a pet)


Most forms of exercise (I have asthma and the wheeze to prove it), driving (everything you’ve ever heard about Asian drivers is true), and cold weather (you can catch me in a blanket burrito most days)...

To get in touch, go to my blog site and find contact info there. Thanks for reading!


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Become Your Own Beauty Boss with Avon

Become Your Own Beauty Boss with Avon

Working while taking college classes can be challenging. You might struggle with juggling homework, late night shifts, and trying to maintain a social life–but without a doubt, you look good doing it. Why not...