Having just graduated from Longwood University last may, Marita is a newbie to the "real world." With a degree in Communication Studies, Marita studied journalism, PR and Marketing while writing a thesis titled " Where do I fit in: An Understanding of Social Cliques." In her free time, Marita enjoys horseback riding, traveling and running. She also writes a personal blog where she details her life and travels.


coffee, warm sunny days, old school rock music, writing, reading, pilates


the cold.

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How To... Make Healthy Kale Chips

How To… Make Healthy Kale Chips

Do you want a healthy option to those greasy, high calorie potato chips you know you love? Why not try this simple recipe for Kale Chips? The sound of using kale to make chips might...
5 Ways To Stay In Shape This Summer... Without The Gym

5 Ways To Stay In Shape This Summer… Without The Gym

Summer is hot, and what’s worse than having to spend it inside in a hot and smelly gym with a bunch of other hot and smelly people? Doesn’t sound like such a great time. So,...