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3 Types of Guys You Should Probably Never Date Again

Since I’ve been single again, after 9 years of being in relationship, I’ve absolved many dates in the last months… And today I would like to define the 3 types of guys you should probably...

5 Pieces Of Advice To Read Before You Get A Tattoo

Many of you may be thinking about getting a tattoo. I am a textbook example of how you can make mistakes when getting tattooed, especially if you’re getting your first tattoo. Here are some of...

Fashion Bloggers Every College Girl Should Know

The magic of fashion blogs, that I discovered two years ago and consequently became addicted to, is that every day I find on these pages so much inspiration, DIY guidance, or for example tips for various events. What I would like to do in this...

Wanna enjoy your Eurotrip? Top 10 cities you should visit. 1/2

Last semester I studied in Paris and I, being European, was really surprised which cities seems to be interesting for my American classmates. Everybody wanted to go to some Greek island, Milan or Munich. And...