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Making Mistakes: A Story From A Fellow College Girl

So, I recently failed myself. Being the younger sibling meant that I was the “perfect” child. My would-have-been mistakes had already been made by my sister. I made the right decisions and I knew what...

What to Wear: Spring Break

Midterms are almost over and it’s time for Spring Break! Whether that means you’re going on a cruise or just going back home to visit family, here’s how you can dress your best. Look 1:...
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How To… Survive A College Party

You’re excited. You’re nervous. You might meet Prince Charming tonight or you’ll end up going home bored out of your mind. With college parties you never know what to expect, but they are an experience...

Uncertainty: Story From A Fellow College Girl

I don’t know what I want. There, I said it. I’m a college junior and I’m confused, which is scary because juniors are supposed to have it together by now, right? Well, after being at...

What to Wear: New Year’s Eve

2013 is approaching right around the corner, which calls for many parties and soirees. Feeling stumped on what to wear? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Outfit 1: Daring Dancer Going to clubs or for...

Anatomy of a Goal: Making New Year’s Resolutions

With the new year right around the corner and the entire year in perspective, now is the time to craft a few new year’s resolutions. To craft the perfect (or, achievable) new year’s resolutions, make...
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Freshman Year Experience, From A Fellow College Girl

“The Freshman Year Experience” from a fellow college girl… For all you freshman out there, school is over! Wrapping up my finals and packing my belongings, I can’t help but wonder. Did I do freshman...

Embracing the Single Life in College

Your college years represent a pivotal stage in your life, marked by personal development, intellectual growth, and new experiences. While it might appear as though everyone around you is entering into romantic relationships, there are...