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During the lazy days of summer, we often have the luxury of sleeping in until noon, lounging around all day barefaced, and then spending as much time as we like getting dolled up for night out with friends. But, once school hits, it’s going to be tough enough to get up, get showered, and get out the door, let alone put on a full face of makeup. Here are my favourite beauty shortcuts to save you time in the morning so you can look fresh and put-together and hit the snooze button one more time.

Go Dry Over Wet

Liquid foundation is tricky at best, and even when I bother with it, I still tend to top it with a layer of loose powder to set the makeup and cut down on shine. Skip this step altogether and go straight for a pressed, or loose powder foundation. It’s much easier to swipe on and way more forgiving if you don’t apply it with precision. Plus, you can easily toss a compact in your bag for touch-ups later in the day, unlike a fussy bottle of liquid foundation. I also think powders tend to look more natural, and in the late-summer heat of September they’re perfect for squelching excess oil.

e.l.f. Clarifying Pressed Powder, Revlon New Complexion One-Step Makeup, Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Do Quickie Eye Makeup

Forget the complicated layers of shadow, the liquid liner, and all the other hooplah we typically associate with eye makeup. Curl your lashes, swipe on a coat of mascara, and dab a dark hue of shadow into the outer corner of your upper lid. It takes all of 10 seconds, but makes your eyes pop and look like you spend 20 minutes in front of the vanity, or else you’re just ‘born with it’. Yeah, right.

Leave Hair Down

Pulling your hair into a sloppy ponytail or hiding it under a mismatched hat just screams that you didn’t have time to style it. Instead, ‘wash’ it with some dry shampoo or baby powder and play up your natural texture. Wavy or curls? Flip your head upside down and scrunch it with a little bit of hairspray to give it body (and cut down even further on built-up oil). Straight and limp? Smooth your hair with a bore-bristle brush and as a pea-size drop of shine serum, warmed between your palms, to just the ends of your strands to make it look healthy and fresh.

Run to Class

No, really. Without exerting yourself to the point of sweaty through your knee-highs, a little exercise will brighten your complexion and add colour to your cheeks, as well as help to wake you up. Take the stairs out of your building or ride your bike to class to get the blood pumping and your beauty flowing.

What Do You Think?

What are your get-ready-in-a-rush beauty tips? What’s your daily makeup routine when you’re at school? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. avatar Maria says:

    When im in a rush and dont have time to eat a full breakfast, my staples are one of the Bolthouse Farms smoothies (they have coffee ones too!) because they are packed with vitamins and protein, and some yogurt. my favorite is Activia. then to get ready, Wash face. Brush teeth. Use a tinted moisturizer or bb cream. My favorites are the loreal and maybelline bb creams and the dermalogica tinted moisturizer. Then curl eyelashes or put on a coat of mascara, top lashes only. Brush eyebrows. Put concealer on under eyes or any blemishes, and use a tinted lip balm. I like the Burt’s bees products. If you have extra time, use a little highlighter on cheek bones, I uses high beam from benefit. Some cute stud earrings or a simple necklace gives you a polished look, and put ur hair back in a clip or headband. If you don’t have time to shower, at least wash your underarms in the sink. It only takes a minute and then you don’t have to worry about being smelly!

  2. avatar Devon says:

    Don’t really like this. Kinda sloppy…

  3. avatar zuri_castillo says:

    im def. tryinng this out.. :)

  4. avatar Ashlyn says:

    I love this! My favorite part is definitely running to class. Sure to try it. And its so true! Getting exercise adds a little pink to your cheeks without loading on the blush.

    Super cute blog. Keep it coming! :)

  5. avatar ANya says:

    cuteeeee….i guess this could work….somewhat

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