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The best part (or, arguably, the only good part) about going back to school is fall fashion! Even as a kid I remember looking forward to the back-to-school shopping and carefully calculating my outfit for the first day back. To get you in the mood, here is a preview of five fashion trends that are going to be huge and wearable this fall, so grab some inspiration and get to shopping!

High-Ranking Military

The military style has been slowly creeping back into style since last year’s fall fashion week (and I even remember this trend from my early high school days). However, now it’s more about subtle accents and feminine takes on the typically masculine inspiration, look for navy, cream, and lighter olive.

hat, bomber jacket, earrings, dress, blazer, boots

The Modest Blouse

Fashion has slowly been swinging the pendulum back towards modesty over the last few seasons, and this fall it take the form of long sleeves and button-up collars on blouses and shirtdresses. Ironically, I think this trend can be incredibly seductive in that sexy-secretary sort of style, especially if you decide to pair it with a chic bondage skirt. The key is feminine, form-fitting cuts, but worn with the buttons secured all the way to the neck and sleeves rolled down.


blue blouse, white fitted blouse, white peter pan collar top

Major Hosiery

I have kind of a quiet obsession with hosiery, and as it ebbs and flows out of style, I’m always excited when it comes back into vogue. So, if you’re like me, now is the perfect time to haul out your knee-highs, your OTK socks, and your wooly tights. The hottest looks this season are dark, high socks with fitted skirts, or bright white tights under girly dresses. Of course, there is the growing trend of ankle socks with heels as well.

Over-the-knee socks, knee socks, white tights, ankle socks

Super Capes

Ok, I’m starting the think that designers got ahold of my personal wishlist for this fall’s fashion, because I’ve been seeking out the perfect, luxurious cape ever since I saw Alexis Bledel sporting a gorgeous hooded one in some long-lost teen magazine, forever ago (ps-if anyone happens to have a link to said photo online, I’d love to have it!). Lucky for me, capes are back in a big way this fall. Cropped and long, solid or patterns, light or dark, take your pick, ladies! I love the ones with the little armholes: so Blair Waldorf it hurts.

cropped brown cape, military cape, grey cape, plaid cape

Foxy (Faux) Fur Boots

The more I learn about the fur industry, the less I like it, and many girls argue that even fake fur sends the wrong message (and may inadvertadely support illegal fur trade!) We’re pro-choice when it comes to fashion here, so I’ll leave the moral decisions in your hand. If you do decide to done fur this fall, faux or otherwise, let it be on your adorable new boots and mukluks. What a cozy, cute, comfy way to take an all-black or basic ensemble from blase to runway. It’s somewhere between snow bunny and eskimo, and it’s all over style. If you can’t afford a new pair of boots, just grab some furry boot toppers, like the ones below. [P.S.: The Louboutins are there for lust/inspiration only. If you’re a college girl who can afford those bad boys, please send me a donation ;)]

Christian Louboutins, Boot Toppers, Fur Cuff Boot, Buckle Fur Boot, Wedge Mukluks, Flat Mukluks

What Do You Think?

Which trends are you excited to try out this fall? What do you think of my picks? Leave a comment or forum post and let us all know!


  1. avatar Herveleger says:

    Thanks for your share.I Love herve leger he actually designs clothes in mind for those who wear them-women, not tennage boys ! if every model said I’m not going under my healthy BMI the fashion world would have to start using healthy models. Like a strike to eat instead!

  2. avatar Sarah Says says:

    The military looks are my fave out of your back to school fashion spread. It has such an edge.

  3. avatar Becca says:

    white collared shirt + brown cape + fur boots + jeans = the perfect outfit

  4. avatar sasha says:

    fur boots and the cape are so nice! it really highlights any look you’ve got on. will turn your boring look to an edgy look!

  5. avatar Pooja says:

    Where do i buy the white Military dress
    It’s so nice!!!

  6. avatar teal says:

    i like that white shirt a lot.White is my favourite color.Fall fashion trend 2010 is really fantastic.

  7. avatar Elle says:

    I lovee the military style. the white dress and boots are gorgeous!!! the simple blouses r also a nice touch

  8. avatar Sari says:

    I love that white dress! And the blue version as well. I love how they are nautical- and military-inspired.

  9. avatar Rin from College Survival 118 says:

    I’m digging the thigh-high socks this fall and cannot wait to try them out!!

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