I saw some comments from some girls sharing how difficult it was for them to find bathing suits for their top heavy figures. And ladies, I have the same problem. I was so excited to be in Target one day and to see their new swimsuits. I got even more excited when I noticed some of the bikinis had underwire, but then I picked up a top and felt something that I had absolutely no need for: excessive padding. So go ahead and cross Target off your shopping list and read on because I have some advice on what tops you should try, what to avoid, help with fitting, and of course, the brands which actually have ideal swim suits for you.

What kind of top should you choose?

For girls with about a C cup or higher, your ideal swimsuit tops fall into 3 categories. You could pick a halter, a supportive one piece, or a bikini with underwire, similar to a bra. A halter is good because it provides you more support than would another top. There are many one pieces out there with excellent built in bras, which not only hold you in, but they also give your girls a great boost. My favorite is any top with underwire. They are the only tops that I feel comfortable in and give me the support that I’m used to in my regular underwire bras.

Summary: Pick a halter, a one piece, or a top with underwire.

What tops should you avoid?

I’m sure you already have a list in your head of what swim suits you always avoid, but here’s mine. Avoid bandeau tops, string bikinis, and monokinis. Bandeau tops and string bikinis are pretty obvious, but you might wonder why I’ve included a monokini. Personally I love the idea of a monokini. I would love to get the feeling of a bikini while covering my belly, but the fit of a monokini has never worked for me. Plus most monokinis I’ve seen have very little ability to support your chest. I’ve seen none with underwire and often to get the right fit for your whole torso, the chest of the swimsuit is either too tight or way too loose to do any good.

Summary: Avoid bandeau tops, string bikinis, and monokinis.

Tips for the dressing room:

If you have the opportunity to try something on in store, I would definitely suggest it because swimsuit sizes vary by brand and by type of suit. But if it’s a suit only offered online, make sure you try it on at home and be prepared to exchange if you are not happy the fit.

  • When trying on a swimsuit top have the same throught process you would if searching for a new bra.
  • To get your “girls” into the top correctly do the following. Lean forward and adjust the band until your boobs fall naturally in the cups. That’s their natural position.
  • If you’re trying on an underwire top, make sure the underwire band is snug and not too loose. Remember that swimsuits can sometimes stretch out easily, so go a little smaller if you need to.
  • Jump around, sit, pretend to be swimming, or play beach volleyball. You want to make sure your swimsuit will stand on no matter what you’re doing.

Swimsuits and Brands to Try:

Body Glove

Body Glove has an excellent selection of beach gear, wake boarding, surfing, etc. And also some great swimsuits. Try their Swim Solo D/DD/E Cup Underwire Top, shown below.

body glove


Skye has a huge variety of swimsuits which specifically hold in your chest, from sexy to full coverage. Give their Skye Retro Halter Top a try if your look is super sophisticated.



Array has this great one piece which provides lots of support. Try their Miracle-suit Swimsuit and you’ll get some tummy control too.


Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret is known for their bras for a reason and lucky for us, they put that same expertise into their swimsuits as well. I love their Push-up Full Coverage Halter Top, because it’s supportive, but doesn’t show as much as a normal VS suit would.

victoria secret

What Do You Think?

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  1. avatar ChelC says:

    I’m a 36G (H during that time of the month). Swimsuits suck. I’ve learned to just swim in my sports bra, a shirt, and some shorts.
    I never knew swimsuits came with underwires though. I will invest time in searching for this!

  2. avatar Fredricka says:

    Ok Great I have noticed all of those @ Target! but what about us girls (my catagory that aren’t comfortable in Binkini Style Swimwear? Are there any Fashionable one pieces out there for Top Heavy Girls will small bods’? I’m a DD and finding a small bathing suit that doesnt show my stomach, without making me look “mommy-ish” is hard.

  3. avatar Julie says:

    I just looked at bravissimo. It is amazing!! Thanks for the tip!

  4. avatar JT8 says:

    I’m a 28 FF and the only place I can get bras or bathing suits from is bravissimo, you can order online and they’re all really cute/young which is rare when looking for larger sizes.

  5. avatar Julie says:

    Wow, I’m a 34D which is hard enough to find! Where have you shopped for bandeau tops? I may have to give one a try.

  6. avatar Rozemaiden says:

    I’m a 30D (pretty rare size, I know) and I actually found that certain bandeau bikini tops work quite well for me.


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