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It’s so easy to get into a rut with you makeup, I know I do it. But changing up your daily look can be as simple as switching things up with your eye liner. Changing your eye makeup is the most dramatic change you can make, compared with swapping lip shades or blush hues. You’d be surprised what an impact it will make, and people will really notice!

Upper Line Only

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This is so simple, it will take even less time than your normal, fully-rimmed eye routine. Instead of lining your top and bottom lash lines, line just the top, a la Serena from Gossip Girl. Try thickening the liner out at the outer corner of your eyes. I find liquid liner, softened up with a second layer of eye pencil, works best, in a dark kohl hue. Finish with a squeeze of your eyelash curler and a couple of swipes of mascara for maximum impact.

Cat Eye

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This might be intimidating, but with a little practice (say the night before?) and a steady hand, you can easily pull off a subtle cat eye look. Start by lining your top and lower lash lines with liquid liner. Next, shut your eye half way and extend the top line out horizontally, flicking up at the very end. Now, extend the lower line up diagonally to meet the top line, and fill in with liquid liner. Top with a soft pencil or eye shadow applied with a fine brush to soften out any errors. Meow!

Colour Wonderful

Swapping basic black, grey, or brown eyeliner for a more daring colour can be a fun way to add some pop to your look without going overboard. Don’t have a crazy coloured eyeliner? Don’t worry, eye shadow works just as well. Get a thin makeup brush and wet it. Squeeze out the excess moisture and swipe it back and forth over the eye shadow to pick up the pigments. Apply a few coats of liner on your top and bottom lash lines to build up to the look you want. The most universally flattering colours are blue and teal shades, but if you’re feeling daring, why not try yellow or hot pink?

What Do You Think?

Are you up for a beauty dare today? Will you try any of the looks above? Which one is your favourite! Leave a comment and let us know!


  1. avatar mizzy says:

    i love the upper-liner only, make my eyes look huge and round, it’s very cute… just curl the lashes and add a little bit tint in the lips, freh, natural and cute :D:D

  2. avatar Rebeccaaa says:

    These are amazing. I’m going to try these. c:
    I normally do a top-lid only look, with wings on the end, since I suck at cat-eyes.

  3. avatar Reality_Bites90 says:

    loving those looks.. they are pretty easy to do yet glamorous

  4. avatar XeniaA17 says:

    I really like this :) These are quite some dramatic looks,… that I will probably use! :D I would say these are not really from everyday use expect for the upper line only, but perfect for costume parties or special events, Thanks! :D

    Also I would like to add this as a favorite and I’m new to this web site and I don’t really know how, so can someone please help me, I would really appreciate this, Thanks!

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